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Eastern Nile Delta in the 4th Millenium BC

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ISBN: 978-83-948382-4-9
Description: paperback, 144 pp. (29,5x20,5 cm), figs., 16 plates
Condition: new
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Eastern Nile Delta in the 4th Millenium BC, Edited by K. M. Ciałowicz,  M. Czarnowicz, M. Chlodnicki,  Jagiellonian University, Kraków-Poznan 2018

K. M. Cialowicz
K. M. Cialowicz
Socio-political transformations in the Eastern Delta in the second half of 4th millennium BC. The view from Tell el-Farkha
J. Debowska-Ludwin
Socio-economic changes in early Egyptian society as reflected by graves of the Tell el-Farkha cemetery
P. Kolodziejczyk
Economy as a factor of vitality and cultural changes. Birth of early Egyptian state from the perspective of economic history of Tell el-Farkha
M. Czarnowicz
Eastern Nile Delta's landscape at the dawn of Dynastic Age
G. Bak-Pryc
Lower Egyptian culture in the Nile Delta. Recent research and new perspectives
M.A. Jucha
Settlement development in the north-eastern part of the Nile Delta at the turn of the Naqada II and Naqada III phases
N. Malecka-Drozd, M. Kazimierczak
The Nile Delta settlements during the 3rd millennium BC. The view from Tell el-Murra
J. Karmowski
A closer look at the scale of Lower Egyptian architecture from Tell ei-Farkha
M. Chlodnicki, A. Maczynska
Central storage devices from the Central Kom at Tell el-Farkha
A. Maczynska
Pottery imports from the Southern Levant at Tell el-Farkha (seasons 2012-2016)
M. Czarnowicz
Egypt's foreign relations in the 4th millennium BC. The evidence from Tell el-Farkha cemetery
Settlement pottery from the Western Kom at Tell el-Farkha. Seasons 2014-2016
M. Kazimierczak, U. Doros
Pottery from the southern part of the Eastern Kom at Tell el-Farkha
J. Sklucki
Lithic assemblage from the southern part of the Eastern Kom at Tell el-Farkha. Seasons 2015-2016

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