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Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 32/2

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Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 32/2, Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw 2023


Roman auxiliary fort in Pojejena (Caraș-Severin County, Romania).
The results of non-invasive and archival research (2017–2019)
Emil Jęczmienowski, Michał Pisz, and Călin Timoc
Early Byzantine terracotta lamps in the Fethiye Museum (Kbr-T10, Kbr-T26)
Hüseyin Metin
Hellenistic tableware from Well S.50 in the Agora of Nea Paphos (Cyprus)
Kamila Niziołek
White-plastered basins from Tell Djassa el-Gharbi in northeastern Syria and their possible functions
Gaweł Rzeźnik
Tell el-Murra (Northeastern Nile Delta Survey): Research in 2018 and 2022 Grzegorz Bąk-Pryc, Natalia Małecka-Drozd, Magdalena Kazimierczak, Katarzyna Lajs-Klose, Natalia Puschhaus, and Mariusz A. Jucha
Of gods and (wo)men: Two wooden figurines from Sheikh Abd el-Qurna
Marta Kaczanowicz
In the presence of my king forever: Royal images in the tombs of noblemen of the Middle Kingdom and beyond
Paulina Karwowska
Enigma of the niches in the eastern wall of the Royal Mortuary Cult Complex
in the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari
Andrzej Kwaśnica
Archaeological survey in Miseeda, Sudan (season 2022–2023)
Mariusz Drzewiecki, Paweł Polkowski, and Joanna Ciesielska
New advances in research on pre- and proto-historic settlement of Argi and Letti, Upper Nubia
Piotr Osypiński, Marta Osypińska, Justyna Kokolus, Paweł Wiktorowicz,
Roman Łopaciuk, Amel Hassan Gismallah, and Karol Standzikowski
LTD1: Kerma settlement in the Letti Basin (Sudan)
Przemysław Bobrowski, Marek Chłodnicki, Justyna Kokolus,
Roman Łopaciuk, Marta Osypińska, and Paweł Wiktorowicz
The Routledge Handbook of Paleopathology edited by Anne L. Grauer,
Routledge 2023
Robert J. Stark


The second fascicle of issue 32 of the PAM journal, presents the results of recent archaeological research in Northeast Africa and the Mediterranean. The reader will find 11 papers devoted to recent research on archaeological sites and programs, as well as studies of finds assemblages from excavations and museum collections. Traditionally, the largest representation, with the broadest territorial and chronological scope, is given to studies in Egypt, particularly in Western Thebes. The results of work at Tell el-Murra in the western Nile Delta, and in Sudan: at Miseeda and in the Letti Basin are also discussed.