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Studies on the Middle Kingdom, Studia Aegyptiaca X

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Description: softcover, 305 pp., 24x17cm, figs., plates
Condition: very good
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Labib Habachi, Studies on the Middle Kingdom, Studia Aegyptiaca X,  Études publiées par les Chaires d'Histoire Ancienne de l'Université Loránd Eötvös de Budapest 37, Budapest 1987

L. Kakosy: Labib Habachi (1906-1984)
I. Une   "vaste   salle"   d'Amenemhat   III   a   Kiman-Fares (Fayoum),   ASAE 37(1937) 85-95,  Figs.  1-10
II. The  monument   of   Biyahmu,   ASAE 40(1940) 721-732,  Figs. 79-80,  Pis.  LXXXIII-LXXXVI
III. Was  Anukis   considered   as   the  wife  of  Khnum  or  as his   daughter?  ASAE 50(1950) 501-507,  Figs.  1-2
IV. Notes   on   the   altar   of   Sekhemre   -Sewadjtowe   Sebk-hotpe   from   Sehel,   JEA 37(1951)  17-19,  PI.  V
V. Khatacna-Qantir:   Importance,   ASAE 52(1952) 443-479, Pis.   I-XIX
VI. Hekaib.   The  deified  governor  of   Elephantine,   Archaeology 9(1956) 8-15,  Figs.   1-9
VII. God's   fathers  and  the  role  they  played   in   the history  of   the   First   Intermediate   Period, ASAE 55(1958) 167-190,  Figs.   1-5,  Pls.I-I
VIII. King   Nebhepetre Menthuhotp: his monuments, place in history, deification and unusual representations in the form of gods, ASAE 19(1963) 16-52, Figs.   1-23, Pls. IV-XIV
IX. Divinities adored in the area of Kalabsha, with a special reference to the goddess of Miket, MDAIK 24(1969) 169-183,  Figs.   1-9,  Pis.  XXX-XXXII
X. rec. on: Nagib  Farag -  Zaky Iskander: The Discovery of Neferwptah, Cairo  1971, QA 13(1974) 336-337,  PI.  XXIV
XI. Building  activities  of   Sesostris I  in the area to the south of Thebes, MDAIK 31(1975) 27-37, Figs. 1-5, Pis. 12-14
XII. New light on objects of ubknown provenance (I). A strange monument od Amenemhet IV and a similar uninscribed one, GM 26(1977) 27-33, Figs. 1-2, PI. 1
XIII. The so-called Hyksos monuments reconsidered. Apropos of the discovery of a dyad of sphinxes, SAK 6(1978) 79-92, Figs. 1-3, Pis. XXIII-XXVI
XIV.  A score of important officials serving the Neferhotep family as revealed from three objects in the Heqaib sanctuary, Serapis 6(1980) 29-39, 47-56, Figs. 1-12, Pis. I-II
XV. New light on the vizier lymeru, son of the controller  of  the hall, lymeru, BIFAO 81(1981) 29-39, Figs. 1-6, Pls. III-IX
XVI. New  light on  the  Neferhotep  I  family,   as  revealed  by   their   inscriptions   in  the  Cataract area,   in: W. K. Simpson - W. M. Davis (eds.): Essays in honor of Dows Dunham on the occasion of his 90th birthday, 3une 1,  1980 (Department of Egyptian and Ancient Near Eastern Art, Museum of Fine Arts), Boston 1981,  77-81,  Figs.  1-10
XVII. The family of the vizier Ibic and his place among the viziers of the thirteeenth dynasty, SAK 11(1984) 113-126, Pls. IV-VI