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Thebes, City of Gods and Pharaohs

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ISBN: 978-80-7036-216-7
Description: softcover, 335 pages (28x21 cm), phots.
Condition: very good
Weight: 1225g.

J. Mynarova, P. Onderka (eds.), Thebes, City of Gods and Pharaohs, National Museum, Prague 2007

Bilingual catalogue of exhibition in Naprstek Museum, Prague (25.10.2007-23.2.2008).

Introduction (J. Souckova - L Bares)
Czechoslovak Egyptologist Jaroslav Cerny (P. Onderka)
Ten Months on Excavations in Egypt (J. Cernyf)
Theban Area before 2000 BCE (P. Vlckova)
The Theban Area in the End of the 11 th Dynasty and in the Middle Kingdom (P. Vlckova)
Montu, Lord of Thebes (P. Onderka)
Biographical Inscriptions of the 11th Dynasty (R. Landgrafova)
Thebes in the Second Intermediate Period (J. Mynarova)
The Burial at Qurna (17th dynasty) (J. Mynarova)
Thebes in the Early New Kingdom (J. Mynarova)
Tomb-Chapels of the Early 18th Dynasty at Thebes (J. M. Galan)
Amen (J. Janak)
Thebes in the Amarna Period: Akhenaten, a Revolutionary of Temple Architecture (C. E. Loeben)
Thebes in the Post-Amarna-Period and in Ramesside Times (F. Kampp-Seyfried)
Deir el-Medina (P. Onderka)
Sennefer (H. Navratilova)
Thebes in the 20th Dynasty (H. Navratilova)
Texts for Reaching the Afterlife from the Royal Tomas (J. Janak)
Medinet Habu (H. Navratilova)
Funerary Temples (H. Navratilova)
The Story of Thebes in the Third Intermediate Period (A. Niwiriski)
The Royal Cache at Deir el-Bahri (A. Niwiriski)
The Bab el-Gusus Tomb or the Second Cache of Deir el-Bahri (A. Niwinski)
Thebes under the Nubian Pharaohs (P. Onderka - W. J. Pestle)
Thebes in the Late Period (L. Bares)
Khabbash (L. Bares)
Ptolemaic and Roman Thebes (F. Coppens)
The Theban Temples in the Ptolemaic and Roman Period (F. Coppens)
Herwennefer and Ankhwennefer. Thebes and the Last Native Pharaohs (206-186 BCE) (F. Coppens)
Catalogue of Objects

The exhibition introduces Thebes in Egypt, one of the most important urban and religious centres of antiquity, illustrating its historical development from early settlement in primeval times to the arrival of Christianity in the first centuries A.D. The most valuable Egyptian artefacts from Czech and Slovak collections are on display, supplemented by selected exhibits from German museums.
The exhibition Thebes, City of Gods and Pharaohs represents another example in the long list of exhibition projects that arose in close cooperation between the National Museum - Naprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures and the Czech Institute of Egyptology of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Charles University in Prague. The exhibition focuses on Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis, an archaeological site featured since 1979 on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The exhibition offers an integrated view of the cultural-historical development of one of the most important religious and political centres of the ancient world from the beginning of settlement in the area in prehistoric times until the aftermath of the Pharaonic civilization in the time of the Roman rule over Egypt. The aim of the exhibition is also to commemorate Jaroslav Cerny (1898-1970), an important Czechoslovak Egyptologist, who took part at excavations in Thebes. A large number of objects of Theban origin entered the collections of the National Museum through his assistance or even directly from his private property.