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Ancient Greek Orientalist Painters, The Literary Evidence

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ISBN: 83-7188-555-5
Description: softcover, 283 pages (24x17), LXIII plates
Condition: very good
Weight: 550g.




Tomasz Polanski, Ancient Greek Orientalist Painters, The Literary Evidence, Krakow 2002

I. Orientalism in the Greek Art and Literature
II. Mythology and Exotism: The Semito-African Orient
in the Mythological Landscape Painting
1. The Heroines of Ethiopia and Phoenicia
The Rape of Europa
The Rescue of Andromeda
2. The African Adventures of Heracles
Heracles and Antaeus
Heracles and the Pygmies
III. History and Romance: The Iranian Orient in the Greek Easel Painting
1. On the Battlefields of Issos and Marathon
Persian Warriors on the Poecile Marathon Painting
The Alexander Mosaic and the Greek Battle Painting
2. Three Persian Princesses
The Death of Pantheia
The Warrior Princess Rhodogoune
The Wedding of Alexander and Roxana
IV. Final Remarks