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Archaeologia Polona vol. 30:1992, Special Theme: Pottery as Information

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Description: 206 pages, drawings, photos,
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Archaeologia Polona vol. 30:1992, Special Theme: Pottery as Information, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw 1992

Ceramology and Medieval pottery research in Poland
Andrzej Buko Ethnoarchacology, experimental archaeology and inference building in ceramic research
James M. Skibo Studying pottery at the level of the assemblage: the pic-slice computer package
Clive Orton and Paul Tyers Metrological aspects of Mcsopotamian pottery of the 3rd millennium bc
Piotr Bieliriski Studies on the organic components in Neolithic pottery dyes
Jerzy Longer and Aleksander Kosko Pottery fragmentation and dynamics of dcpositional processes inside trapeze-shaped features
Slavomir Kadroiv Identity, similarity, and differentiation: pottery from Zofipole, Cracow Province, Poland
Halina Dobrzanska, Elzbieta Marasik-Bielejec and Maciej Paivlikowski Magica et ceramica: magic and ceramics in Christian Nubia
Bogdan Zurawski Conjoinable sherds and stratificational processes: an example from Wyszogrod, Plock Province, Poland
Zbignieiv Kobylinski and Waldemar Andrzej Moszcsyriski Peasant households, potters, and phasing: Early Medieval ceramics from Podcblocic, Sicdlcc Province, Poland
Paul Barford and Ewa Marczak Alterations of ceramics due to contact with scawater
H. Bearat, D. Dufournier and Y. Nouet Rapid magnetic localisation of pottery kilns
Medieval Arctic Norway: discussion on the book by Przemyslaw Urbanczyk
Reidar Bertelsen
Ingegerd Holand and John S'.R. Hood
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