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Archaeologia Polona XXV-XXVI

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Description: softcover, 255pp, drawings, photos, 550 copies printed, I ed.
Condition: very good (yellowish paper, stamp on back cover)
Weight: 405g.




Archaeologia Polona XXV-XXVI, Ossolineum, Wroclaw 1987

Witold Hensel- The Vistula  In Prehistoric Times
Zygmunt  Krzak -  The Problem of the Cosmic  Mountain in the  Past
Jerzy Wielowiejski : Depositi  dell`ambra  sul  territorio  tra la parte meridionale del Danubio  e il Mar  Baltico  dal  I  secolo  A.C.  al V secolo D.C.
Bogdan Rutkowski -  Die  Topographie des  Hoehenheiligtums  auf Juktas , Kreta
Jerzy Pyrgała, Izaelsa Tomaszewska -  Die Doppeloewenfibel  aus Kołoząb, Gemeinde   Sochocin , Wojewodschaft Ciechanów
Jerzy Olczak - The State and Prospects  of  Research into  Glassmaking  in Poland  in the Early and  Late Middle Ages. An Outline.  METHODES  ET  METHODOLOGY
Zbigniew  Kobyliński -   The   Settlement  Structure  and the Settlement  Process;  the  Identification  of the Continuity  of  Change  in a  Socio-Cultural  System in Time