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Aspects of Royal Power in Medieval Scandinavia

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ISBN: 978-83-226-3399-1
Description: hardback, 164 pp. (24,5x17cm), 46 ills.
Condition: new
Weight: 460g.

Aspects of Royal Power in Medieval Scandinavia, ed. by Rafal Boryslawski, Jakub Morawiec, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Slaskiego, Katowice 2018

Introduction:  Royal  Power  Reconsidered  (Jakub Morawiec,Rafał Borysławski)
Anne  Irene  Riisøy
Conversion, Thingsand Viking Kings
Jakub Morawiec
Sveinn Haraldsson – The Captured King of Denmark
Łukasz Neubauer
Between History and Propaganda: Examining the Royal and Military Attributes
of Knútr inn ríki in “Liðsmannaflokkr”
Bjørn  Bandlien
Coinage and Kingship in the Late Viking Age. The
Facing Bird Pennies of King
Óláfr  Haraldsson
Erin Michelle Goeres
The Dangers of Generosity. Money, Power, and Politics in
Vestrfararvísur and Kálfsflokkr
Rafał Borysławski
Hlæfdige and Hlaford
Gendered Power, and Images of Continuity in Encomium
Emmae  Reginae
Marion Poilvez
A  Wolf among Wolves. Kings, Outlaws, and Discourse in the Icelandic Sagas
Arngrímur Vídalín
Ideals of Christian Kingship. The Implications of
Elucidarius Konungs skuggsiá and
Eiríks saga víðfǫrla
Leszek P. Słupecki
A  Crown on a King’s Head: Royal Titles and Royal Sovereignty in the Tenth-
and Eleventh-Century Poland and Scandinavia