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Beiträge zur Sudanforschung 13

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Description: softcover, 266 pages (24x17cm), pls.
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Beiträge zur Sudanforschung 13, Wien 2021

Robert Steven Bianchi, A Group of Vessels in the Shape of Horned, African Ruminants
Francis Breyer, Amesemi und Amanisacheto: Überlegungen zur Rundbogenstele von Naga und ihrer Inschrift
Stanley M. Burstein, The Phonen Letter: A Reconsideration
Themis G. Dallas, A Note on the Orientation of Nubian Churches
Eugenio Fantusati, Abu Erteila: Discovery and Excavation of a New Meroitic Temple Complex
Eugenio Fantusati and Marco Baldi, Preliminary Report on the 2017-2020 Excavation Seasons at Abu Erteila
Jochen Hallof, Eine unbekannte Opfertafel der Garstang-Grabung aus Meroe
Jochen Hallof and David N. Edwards, A Meroitic Grave Stele from Ambikol Island in the Batn al-Hajar
Mohammed Alfatih Hayati, Neolithic Personal Adornments in the Centre of the Gezira Reach – Central Sudan
Vlastimil Vrtal, Literacy and Imitation at the Meroitic Royal Court: A Rare Case of an Inkwell from the Palace of Amanishakhete
Petra Weschenfelder, A Divorce with a Nubian Bishop? Revisiting Papyrus Qasr Ibrim II 25
Michael H. Zach, Meroitic Objects Found, Lost and Re-discovered. The Importance of “Museum Archaeology”
Angelika Lohwasser, Tim Karberg, und Johannes Auenmüller (Hrsg.), Bayuda studies: proceedings of the first international conference on the archaeology of the Bayuda Desert in Sudan, Wiesbaden 2018 (Julia Budka)
W. Vivian Davies und Derek A. Welsby (Hrsg.), Travelling the Korosko Road: archaeological exploration in Sudan's Eastern Desert, Oxford 2020 (Julia Budka)
Pål Steiner, Alexandros Tsakos und Eivind Heldaas Seland (Hrsg.), From the Fjords to the Nile. Essays in honour of Richard Holton Pierce on his 80th birthday, Oxford 2018 (Michael H. Zach)
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