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Byzantium and the Arabs, The Encounter of Civilizations

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ISBN: 978-83-7969-902-5
Description: softcover, 614 pages (24x17cm), ills.
Condition: new
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Byzantium and the Arabs, The Encounter of Civilizations from Sixth to Mid-Eights Century, edited by T. Wolinska, P. Filipczak, Byzantina Lodziensia XXII, Uniwersytet Lodzki, Lodz 2015

Byzantium and the Arabs: The Encounter of Civilizations is an attempt at a reconstruction of complex relations between Byzantium and the Arabs from the sixth to the eighth century. The book discusses the religious and political situation in the Middle East on the eve of the Arab conquest, characterises the attitude adopted by the inhabitants of Byzantine provinces toward the Arab invaders, analyses the administrative structures of Byzantium and the Umayyad state, and presents the life of Christian Churches under the Arab rule. Written in a clear, direct style, free of scholarly jargon, this collection of essays is based on both Byzantine and Arab sources, as well as on a wide selection of scholarly literature, originating from both the Western and Middle Eastern cultural circles.
The monograph has been prepared by the scholars associated with the Waldemar Ceran Research Centre for History and Culture of the Mediterranean Area and South-Eastern Europe of the University of Lodz (Ceraneum). Among the contributors there are experts on the history of the Byzantine Empire (Slawomir Bralewski, Zofia Brzozowska, Blazej Cecota, Pawel Filipczak, Teresa Wolinska) as well as researchers of the Arab and Muslim world (Hassan Badawy, Marek M. Dziekan, Marta Wozniak). Their collaboration has resulted in a comprehensive picture of the encounter of the two great civilizations.