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Classica Cracoviensia XXI (2018)

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Description: paperback, 207 pp. (20,5x14,5 cm)
Condition: new
Weight: 280g.

Classica Cracoviensia XXI (2018), ed. by J. Styka, Krakow 2018

Iranian Themes in the Poetry of Statius
Cato the Elder on Human and Animal Diseases and Medicines for Them – According to the Treatise on "Agriculture"
Pliny the Younger and the Art of Narration
Zur Herkunft des griechischen Wortes ΣΦΊΓΞ
Libanus and the Death of Julian
On the Relatinization of the Latin Term 'magister'
The Revenge of Augustus: Caesar, Octavian and History in Neil Gaiman’s "August"
Hannibal in Gades: An Inquiry into the Poetic Technique of Silius Italicus in "Punica" Three
An Outline of the History of Classical Philology at the Jagiellonian University
Erinys’ Mortal Venom: The Poetic Expression of Emotions in Silius Italicus’ "Punica" (Books I–V)
Martial’s lagalopex ‘Long-Eared Bat’