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Coptic Literary Texts of the Pushkin State Fine Arts Museum in Moscow, Studia Aegyptiaca XIII

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ISBN: 963-462-542-8
Description: softcover, 24x17cm, 306 pages, LXXII plates
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A. I. Elenskaya, Coptic Literary Texts of the Pushkin State Fine Arts Museum in Moscow, Studia Aegyptiaca XIII,  Budapest 1991

Coptic MSS. of the Pushkin State Fine Arts Museum
Apophthegmata Patrum Aegyptiorum /I.l.b.649, 711, 713/
The Treatise on the Symbolics of Baptism and the Elements /I.l.b.2721, 379-382, 384-388, 390-399, 636, 1020/
A Fragment of Shenoute's Works /l.l.b.707/
Another Fragment of Shenoute's Works /I.l.b.7l6/
A Third Fragment of Shenoute's Works /I.l.b.658/
The Beginning of a Discourse /I.l.b.657/
A Discourse on the Spiritual Education /I,l.b.655/
A Discourse on the Punishment of Sins /I.l.b.652/
A Discourse on the Fate of the Righteous and Sinners /I.l.b.660/
A Discourse on the Frailty of Human Life /I,l.b.6547/
Acta Marci /I.l.b.696/
Acta Thomae /Martyrium/ /I.l.b.666/
The Martyrdom of Apa Nile by loulios of Kbahs/l.l.b^Sp 2952/
Fragments of an Unidentified Vita /?/ /I.l.b.630, 630,631, 631b/
The Life of Apa Thomas /?/ /I. l.b.274; 630p 4; 630^ 6; 633/
A Martyrdom /I.l.b.631a; 630r 3/
Another Martyrdom /I.l.b.629/
An Encomium on Pakhom the Great /I.l.b.66l/
An Encomium on Apa Peter /l.l.b.715/
The Final Section of Ancoratus by Epiphanius /I.l.b.668/
A Fragment of a Polemic Work/I.l.b.664/
A Fragment of Another Polemic Work /I.l.b.300/
A Fragment of a Third Polemic Work /l.l.b.690/
A Homily on Christ's Miraculous Birth /l.l.b.659/
A Discourse on the Time of Christ's Resurrection /I.l.b.717/
A Homily Read at Christmas /?/ /I.l.b.632/
Joshua, 13, 21-23, 29-32 /I.l.b.648/
Psalm 5, 10-11 and 6, l/I.l.b.290/
Psalm 118, 50-52, 62-67, 74-77 /l.l.b.637/
Matthew, 11, 17-19, 23-24 A.l.b.646/
Matthew, 22, 30, 39-40 /l.l.b.635/
Luke, 9, 13-15, 19-20 A.l.b.387, I/
John, 18, 28-32, 35-38 A.I.b.638/
The First Epistle to the Corinthians, 8,  11-13; 9,  17-18 A.l.b.899/
The Epistle to the Philippians,  1,  1, 25-26 /l.l.b.641/
The Acts of the Apostles, 3,  12-13,  15-16 /l.l.b.68l/
Coptic names Foreign names Geographical
a/ Coptic
b/ Others Greek words
List of abbreviations List of plates



 The collection, of Coptic MSS. in the Fine Arts Museum in Moscow is the most important in the USSR, along with the collections of the Saltykov — Schedrin State Public Library and the Hermitage Museum in Leningrad. The vast majority of the Coptic documents kept in the Fine Arts Museum and the Hermitage was published by P. V. Jernstedt (only small fragments were left out by him). A catalogue of the Mss. of the Public Library was issued in 1969 together with the publication of several Mss. of its collection. This book contains a complete catalogue of all the literary Mss. of the Fine Arts Museum and almost all the MSS. hitherto unpublished are edited here for the first time.

These MSS. belong to the collection of Vladimir Golenischev, the distinguished Russian Egyptologist. His collection was acquired by the Government in 1909 for the Fine Arts Museum in Moscow, which was opened for the public on 12 June, 1912.