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Crossroads of Egyptology, The Worlds of Jaroslav Cerny

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ISBN: 9788070362983
Description: paperback, 239 pp. (22x16 cm), figs.
Condition: very good
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Crossroads of Egyptology, The Worlds of Jaroslav Cerny, ed. by Adéla Jůnová Macková & Pavel Onderka, National Museum, Prague 2010

Introduction: Presence of Egypt (Adéla Jůnová Macková, Pavel Onderka, Hana Navrátilová)
Jaroslav Černý (1898–1970): Egyptologist, Diplomat and Traveller (Hana Navrátilová, with Contributions by Jiřina Růžová)
Selected Letters of Jaroslav Černý to Alan Henderson Gardiner (ed. by Hana Navrátilová)
Jaroslav Černý and Czechoslovak Egyptology. Collections of the Náprstek museum
Travels of Czechoslovak Egyptologists to Egypt in the 1950s (Adéla Jůnová Macková, Pavel Onderka)
Czech Scholars in the Orient in the 19th to 20th Century: Vlasta Kátalová Di-Lotti in Baghdad 1925–1932 and Her Entomological and Anthropological Collection (Adéla Jůnová Macková)
Orient in Czechoslovak Magazines and Films
Orient and Modern Czech Women's Magazines (Hana Havlovůjová)
Egypt, Czechoslovakia and Cinematography (Libor Jůn)
Orient in Pictures
Depictions of Difference: Reviving the Forgotten French Women Orientalist Artist-Travellers 1860–1930 (Mary Healy)
Franc Kavčič / Franz Caucig and His Oeuvre D’Egitto (Vesna Kamin Kajfež)
Egypt in the Paintings of Count Iván Forray (Lubica Zelenková)
Egyptian Revival
Some Examples of Egyptian Revival in Slovenia from 1751 to 1906 (Tomislav Kajfež)
Antikenrezeption vom Klassizismus bis zum Art Déco: Ägypten, Altägäis und Europa (Fritz Blakolmer)
Egypt’s Desire for Europe: The Congrès de Musique Arabe of 1932 and His Occidental Participants (Konrad Antonicek)
Travels to Egypt
Rolling Down to Egypt (Johanna Holaubek)
Dr. Anton Kautzky Bey (1867–1944) (Angela Blaschek)
Traces from the Sahara: The Legacy of Otto C. Artbauer (Clemens Gütl)
„Allein unter Türcken und Heiden”: Pilgerbericht von Angelicus Maria Myller: Systematisierung und bilbische Alterität des islamischen Orients am Anfang des 18. Jahrhunderts (Lucie Storchová)
Europe and the Orient: Political and Economic Relations
Zur Entstehung des Wiener Orienthandels (Markus Purkhart)
The Mission of Anton Prokesch von Osten to Alexandria in 1833 (Miroslav Šedivý)

This volume also contains the Papers held at the Egypt and Austria VI conference in Prague 2009