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Crowns, Hats, Turbans and Helmets, The Headgear in Iranian History

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ISBN: 978-83-62447-19-0
Description: paperback, 261 pp. (24x17 cm), figs.
Condition: new
Weight: 460g.

Katarzyna Maksymiuk, Gholamreza Karamian (eds.), Crowns, Hats, Turbans and Helmets, The Headgear in Iranian History, Volume I: Pre-Islamic Period, Siedlce-Teheran 2017

Joanna SZKLARZ: Significance of the Helmet in fight between Sohrāb and Gordāfarid
Dan-Tudor IONESCU: The Use of the Tiara as symbol of Persian Achaemenid Kingship: why Alexander the Great didn’t adopt it?
Svyatoslav V. SMIRNOV: Revising Seleukid Iconography: A Person Wearing Helmet and Conflict of Imageries
Ulf JÄGER: Morion-type Helmets of Gandhāra. A rare Kušān-period helmet-type of the 1st to the 3rd / 4th century CE – A very first preliminary attempt
Mariusz MIELCZAREK: Arms and Armour on Kušān coins. Royal images
Patryk SKUPNIEWICZ, Marcin LICHOTA: Diadem on the head from Khalchayan battle scene and possible reconstruction of the composition
Katarzyna MAKSYMIUK: Ram’s Horns as a Religious Element of Sasanian Kings’ Military Equipment (notes to Amm. Marc. XIX.1.3)
Gholamreza KARAMIAN, Kaveh FARROKH, Adam KUBIK, Mandana TAHERI OSHTERINANI: An Examination of Parthian and Sasanian Military Helmets (2nd century BC-7th century CE)
Ilkka SYVÄNNE: A Note on the Methodology regarding the Reconstruction of the Late Roman Helmets in Art, Archaeology and Analysis
Marta CZERWIENIEC-IVASYK: Helmet or a crown? – A few comments on the margin of the Sasanian coins discovered in the Baltic Sea area
Adam KUBIK: Sasanian lamellar helmets
Patryk SKUPNIEWICZ: On the Helmet on the Capital at Tāq-e Bostān again
David NICOLLE: One-piece Sasanian and Early Islamic Helmets
Sergei Yu. KAINOV: The Helmet from Krasnodar Territory