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Desert and the Nile, Prehistory of the Nile Basin and the Sahara, Papers in honour of Fred Wendorf

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ISBN: 978-83-60109-60-1
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Desert and the Nile, Prehistory of the Nile Basin and the Sahara, Papers in honour of Fred Wendorf, ed. by Jacek Kabacinski, Marek Chlodnicki, Michal Kobusiewicz, Malgorzata Winiarska-Kabacinska, Studies in African Archaeology, vol. 15, Poznań 2018

I. Tribute to Fred Wendorf Romuald Schild
Fred Wendorf, Jr. 31 July 1924 – 15 July 2015. The Founder of the Combined
•Scott Wendorf, Elizabeth Alexander and Anna Christine Bednar Prehistoric Expedition and for Several Decades its Guiding Spirit
The Combined Prehistoric Expedition Foundation: a Model for Private
Gail Wendorf and Jacek Kabacinski
Support of Archaeological Research
Fred Wendorf’s Life in Sixteen Photos
II. The Nile Valley
•Ahmed Hammid Nassr
Early Stone Age Tools Variability in the Nile Basin: a New Investigation in
•Sandro Salvatori, Donatella Usai and Andrea Zerboni
the Eastern Desert of Lower Atbara River, Sudan
New Evidence from the Prehistoric Sites at Al Khiday and Al Jamrab, Central Sudan
•Kimball M. Banks, Donatella Usai, J. Signe Snortland, Linda Scott Cummings and Maria C. Gatto
•Annett Dittrich
Food for Thought: the Late Paleolithic of WK26 Site, Wadi Kubbaniya, Egypt
•Elena A.A. Garcea and Giulia D’Ercole
Between Two Rivers – Early Holocene Landscapes on Mograt Island (Sudan)
What Do We See When We See a Decoration? An Overview on the Pottery
•Mohammed Alfatih Hayati
from Sai Island and Esh Shaheinab     
The Technical Characteristics of the Mesolithic Pottery in El Goz Sites (Central Sudan) Lenka Varadzinová, Ladislav Varadzin, Lenka Lisá, Jan Pacina and Petr Pokorný
Exploration of the Site of Sphinx (SBK.W-60), Jebel Sabaloka (West Bank):
•Attila Király
Findings of the 2014 Campaign
Digital Data and Holocene Lithic Industries in the Sudanese Nile Valley:
•Louis Chaix and Jacques Reinold
a Case Study    
Animals in Neolithic Graves: Kadruka and Kadada (Northern and Central
•Hassan Mustafa Alkhidir
•Agnieszka Maczynska
Jebel El-Khazna – a Late Prehistoric Site in the Fifth Cataract Area
On the Transition Between the Neolithic and Chalcolithic in Lower Egypt
•Dorian Vanhulle
and the Origins of the Lower Egyptian Culture: a Pottery Study
Preliminary Observations on Some Naqadian Boat Models. A Glimpse
•Ulrich Hartung
of a Discrete Ideological Process in Pre-pharaonic Arts
Emetery U at Umm el-Qaab and the Funeral Landscape of the Abydos Re-
•Taichi Kuronuma
gion in the 4th Millennium BC
Goods Placement in Predynastic Burials: A Case Study from the Cemeter-
•Grazia A. Di Pietro
ies in the Naqada Region
Investigating Intra- and Inter-site Variability of Late Predynastic – Protody-
•Wojciech Ejsmond
nastic Settlements of Egypt
Gebelein in the Predynastic Period: Capital or Provincial Centre? Review
•Robert Kuhn
of Evidence
A Wooden Statue and Early Bronze Objects? A Critical Review of Tomb
•Natalia Małecka-Drozd
1052 in the Necropolis of Abusir el-Meleq
The Old Kingdom Upcountry Settlement Architecture in the Nile Delta – the
•Marek Chłodnicki and Krzysztof Grzymski
case of the 3rd-4th Dynasty Building at Tell el-Murra
Kerma Culture in Letti Basin (Dongola Reach)
Maira Torcia
•Bashier Negood Hassan
Towards Upper Egypt: Items and Cultural Elements on Trade Routes
•Ikram Madani, Petr Pokorný, Yahia F. Tahir, Hamad M. Hamdeen and Adéla The Nile as the Main Traffic Artery in the Ancient Sudan    469
Vegetation Mounds in El-Ga’ab Depression (Sudan): Their Significance
in Archaeology and Archeaobotany
III. Oases and the Desert
•Michał Kobusiewicz, Przemysław Bobrowski, Maciej Jórdeczka and Marek Chłodnicki
Gebel Karaiweb and Bir Nurayet (Sudan). The Oldest Settlement in the Red Sea
•Agnieszka Czekaj-Zastawny, Joel D. Irish, Jacek Kabaciński and Jakub Mugaj Mountains    
The Neolithic Settlements by a Paleo-lake of Gebel Ramlah, Western Desert
•Hebatallah A. A. Ibrahim
of Egypt
Neolithic Aspects of the Western Desert and its Possible Role During the
•Maria Lityńska-Zajšc and Krystyna Wasylikowa
Following Time Periods in Egypt
The Role of Ziziphus in the Economy of Neolithic Nomadic Societies of the
•Friederike Jesse, Hubert Berke, Nader El-Hassanin and Nadja Pöllath Sahara (S Egypt)
First Insights into the Prehistory of Selima Oasis, Northern Sudan – Exca-
•Simon Holdaway, Rebecca Phillipps, Joshua Emmitt, Willeke Wendrich vations at Site SOP 1024
E29G1 Revisited: the Current State of the Surface Archaeology of Western
•Noriyuki Shirai
Regions of the Fayum North Shore, Egypt
New Light on The Desert Fayum: Restudying Gertrude Caton-Thompson’s
•Friederike Jesse and Mirosław Masojć
Fayum Lithic Collections in London
•Alain Anselin
Early to Mid-Holocene Pottery from Two Sites in the Bayuda Desert, Sudan
Archaeology of the Images and the Words of the Ancient Egyptian World:
from Pools of Gone Saharan Cultures to Current Sociological Parallels
Miroslav Bárta
The Birth of Supernatural. On the Genesis of Some Later Ancient Egyptian
•Paweł Lech Polkowski Concepts
A Giraffe’s Tale. On Enigmatic Composition from Site 04/08 in the Central
•András Zboray
Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt
The Petroglyphs of Jebel Uweinat. Many Questions and a Few Answers