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Dongola 2015-2016, Fieldwork, Conservation and Site Management

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ISBN: 978-83-235-3479-2
Description: paperback, 281 pp. (29,5x21 cm), phots, figs.
Condition: new
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Dongola 2015-2016, Fieldwork, Conservation and Site Management, ed. by W. Godlewski, D. Dzierzbicka and Adam Lajtar, PCMA Excavation Series 5, PCMA, WUW, Warsaw 2018

The Polish Center of Mediterranean Archaeology University of Warsaw mission to Old Dongola has been excavating the site for over 50 years. This volume is a second comprehensive report on fieldwork and conservation conducted in 2015–2016 by a team led by Włodzimierz Godlewski. The contributions report on the work of recent seasons and present in-depth studies on the site’s urban development, architecture and building techniques. The volume also includes results of the most recent specialized research on material brought to light during these and earlier campaigns. The discussed categories of find include inscriptions, ostraka, pottery, animal bones, and textiles.

The royal city of Old Dongola was the political and economic center of Makuria, a medieval Christian kingdom. It flourished from the 5th/6th century, when the royal complex on the Citadel was built and enclosed within massive stone fortifications. Over the centuries, other representative buildings were founded, among them the imposing Throne Hall later converted into a mosque that still towers over the site today. Equally impressive are the religious complexes unearthed in Dongola. The Makurian capital’s churches and monastic buildings boast stunning mural paintings and inscriptions that shed light on local religious practice, while their architectural design testifies to the skills of local builders. After the royal court abandoned Dongola in 1364, the city remained an important urban center, as indicated by the extensive residential quarters functioning on and around the Citadel for several centuries. The city, still a vital node in the long-distance trade network, was inhabited by a lively community, which cultivated old traditions and embraced new trends. The wealth of archaeological finds recovered on the site in the seasons under consideration contributes new data to studies on the history of Dongola , as well as the culture, art, architecture and economy of the kingdom of Makuria.

List of contributors                                                    
Włodzimierz Godlewski
Dongola: plan and timeline                                              
Part I the monastery on kom h
Chapter 1
Włodzimierz Godlewski
The Monastery Church                                                     
Chapter 2
Dorota Moryto-Naumiuk
Transfer of wall paintings from the Monastery Church on Kom H          
Chapter 3
Adam Łajtar
The Constantinopolitan Creed in an inscription from the Monastery Church on Kom Η in Dongola                                                      
Chapter 4
Włodzimierz Godlewski
Building H.NW.B.I and its successive construction phases                
Chapter 5
Barbara Czaja
The “golden textile” from a burial in the monastery on Kom H in Dongola: conservation and restoration                                             
Chapter 6
Adam Łajtar and Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei
Women in the Southwest Annex                                           
Chapter 7
Dorota Dzierzbicka and Agata Deptuła
Courtyard A at the Monastery on Kom H in Dongola: Fieldwork in 2014–2016
Chapter 8
Katarzyna Danys
Introductory remarks on pottery finds from Courtyard A of the Monastery on Kom H in Dongola       
Chapter 9
Marta Osypińska
Faunal remains from the Monastery on Kom H in Dongola (seasons 2014–2016)    
Part ii the citadel in the times of the kinGdom of makuria
Chapter 10
Włodzimierz Godlewski
The Church of Archangel Raphael (SWN.B.V)    
Chapter 11
Urszula Kusz
Conservation in the Church of Archangel Raphael (SWN.B.V) in seasons 2015–2017
Chapter 12
Romuald Tarczewski
Construction of a shelter over the Church of Archangel Raphael (SWN.B.V)    
Chapter 13
Włodzimierz Godlewski, Urszula Kusz, and Adam Łajtar
A fragmentary wooden icon from the Church of Archangel Raphael (SWN.B.V)    
Chapter 14
Włodzimierz Godlewski with appendix by Adam Łajtar
The Pillar Church    
Part iii the city of Dongola in the funj PerioD
Chapter 15
Włodzimierz Godlewski
Buildings of the Funj period on the Citadel    
Chapter 16
Katarzyna Danys and Maciej Wyżgoł
Smoking pipes from Old Dongola    
Chapter 17
Katarzyna Danys
Glazed pottery of the 9th–16th centuries from Old Dongola    
Chapter 18
Barbara Idzikowska
A reckoning counter from Nuremberg found in Dongola    
Chapter 19
Włodzimierz Godlewski with appendices by Bogdan F. Zerek and Anna Nowicka
Amulet for the wife of 'Abd Allāh b. Maryam    
Chapter 20
Naïm Vanthieghem
Textes arabes trouvés à Dongola en 2013–2016    
Part iv the Mosque building
Chapter 21
Romuald Tarczewski
Construction work in the Mosque Building (Throne Hall) in seasons 2015–2017    
The Team: seasons 2015 and 2016    
List of illustrations     
DONGOLA 2015-2016