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Early Medieval Axes from the Territory of Poland

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ISBN: 978-83-7676-271-5
Description: softcover, 268pp. (29,5x21cm), plates, CD
Condition: new
Weight: 820g.

Piotr N. Kotowicz, Early Medieval Axes from the Territory of Poland, Moravia Magna, Seria Polona V, Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, Krakow 2018

Written and iconographic sources
Axe heads
Typo-chronological analysis of axe heads
Axe hafts
Stabilising the axe head on the haft
Storage, protection, and transport of axes
Weapon or tool? Functions of early medieval axes
Axe symbolism in the territory of Poland during the Early Middle Ages
The role of the axe in the warfare and daily life of early medieval comunities inhabiting the territory of present-day Poland
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