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Egyptian Scarabs and Seal Amulets from the Cracow Collections

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ISBN: 978-83-937941-1-9
Description: softcover with flaps, 203 pp. (23,7x17cm), drawings, 200 phots. on 46 plates, limited edition.
Condition: new.
Weight: 455g.

Joachim Sliwa, Egyptian Scarabs and Seal Amulets from the Cracow Collections, Archeobooks, Krakow 2015

Complete catalogue of Egyptian scarabs, scaraboids and other seal amulets (two hundred objects) from the Cracow museums. Most important items were partly published before by the same author some years ago (1985 and 1989) but now all of them are compared with new material unaccessible before and classified according to new standards in this field. For each object the author gives details not only about material, dimensions and state of preservation, but first of all the actually used typology is introduced and a description of the base is given. Iconographical analyse of the base’s decoration follows (with parallels quoted), as well as the translation of the possible text, as in the case of objects with maxims and wishes. All bases, sides and backs are photographed, every inscribed or decorated base is additionally drawn. The material is classified by items such as royal and private names, phrases, representations of animals, hieroglyphic signs and other symbols. Such groups as heart scarabs, beetles with naturalistic lower part, flat winged scarabs from mummy nets are also included.

I. Objects with royal names
From Shepseskaf to Nectanebo
Corrupt form of the royal name
II. Objects with private names
III. Objects with figural representations
IV. Objects with names and representations of divinities
V. Objects with maxims and wishes
VI. Objects with representations of animals
VII. Objects with hieroglyphic signs and other symbols
VIII. Objects with ornamental designs
IX. Heart scarabs
X. Scarabs with undecorated bases
XI. Beatles with naturalistic lower part
XII. Flat winged scarabs from mummy nets
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