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Everyday Life and Literature in Antiquity. Essays edited by Stanislaw Stabryla

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Everyday Life and Literature in Antiquity. Essays edited by Stanislaw Stabryla, Classica Cracoviensia I, Cracow 1995

The first volume of the new series "Classica Cracoviensia" is devoted in its entirety to the question of connections of Greek and Roman literatures with everyday life in Antiquity. This is clear from the title of the present collection: "Everyday Life and Literature in Antiquity". Broadly speaking, the articles in the volume can be classified under three main topics. First of all, there are theoretical and general works: the studies of J. Janik on the concept of the state in the philosophy of Plato and Aristotle, of H. Wolanin on everyday life in Athens as reflected in the sphere of language, and of J. Styka on realism in Roman aesthetic views. The next three articles deal with images of everyday life in various ancient poetic genres. K. Korus discusses Herondas' Mimoi, A. Bobrowski Tibullus' elegies and S. Stabryla, Horace's poetry. The remaining three articles present some aspects of material culture and economic life in the light of Greek and Roman literatures; they are: M. Salamon's article on coinage in the epigrams of Palladas, L. Morawiecki's article on coins in Roman literature and K. Rekucka-Bugajska's article on Greek literary evidences on metalworking.

As we can see, each of the nine articles shows a particular aspect of the same broad topic using different literary material and a different methodology. This thematic and methodological variety would seem to be the greatest merit of the book, which owes its unity to its shared topic. All the contributions are original and appear here for the first time.

It has to be mentioned that the volume which the reader now receives is the effect of cooperation between Cracow classical philolo­gists and ancient historians and the Institutum Classicum of Helsinki....

Stanislaw   STABRYLA,   Introduction  
Joanna JANIK, Between Real and Ideal State. The Elements of Greek Poleis in Political Philosophy of Plato and Aristotle
Hubert WOLANIN, The Word Faces the Experience of Athenian Everyday Life   
Jerzy STYKA, Der Realismus in den literarischen Ansichten romischer Autoren   
Kazimierz KORUS, Zur Poetik der ,,Mimen" von Herondas
Antoni BOBROWSKI. Tihulhis' Pictures of the Country
Stanislaw STABRYLA, A Reflection of Everyday Life in Horace
Maciej SALAMON, Coinage and Money in the Epigrams of Palladas.  A   Few  Remarks 
Leslaw MORAWIECKI. Roman Coins and Literature
Kinga REKUCKA-BUGAJSKA, Jerzy BUGAJSKI, Literarische Zeugnisse uber die Metalle im Alltagslehen der alten Griechen