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Herero Ecology: The Literary Impact

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ISBN: 83-88238-23-X
Description: softcover, 284 pp. (23,5x16,5 cm)
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R. Ohly, Herero Ecology: The Literary Impact, Warsaw 2000

This innovative and original study offers a new perspective on a Namibian literary tradition. The author grounds his exploration in the intrinsic and extrinsic issues of Herero oral literature from the nineteenth to the twentieth century. Herero oral literature originates in the areas inhibited by the Herero people in Namibia and part of Botswana. The chapters illustrate and analyze the emergence of Herero prose and poetry, its preservation, and evolution. The book sets out to define the continuum of this oral literature, which is strictly connected with the socio-cultural evolution of the society, forming the environment of Herero literature. It brings into focus unique phenomena such as Herero praise-poems on wild animals, with their distorted perspective and multiple viewpoints, which resemble Cocteau’s cubistic verses created in the 1920s.