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Historia i swiat

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Description: softcover, 310 pages (24x17 cm),figs.
Condition: new
Weight: 540g.

Historia i swiat, Siedlce 2017

Svyatoslav V. SMIRNOV (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia), Notes on Timarchos’ Iconography: Dioscuri Type
Mozhgan KHANMORADI (University of Tehran, Iran), Kamal Aldin NIKNAMI (University of Tehran, Iran), An Analytical Approach to Investigate the Parthians Painted Stuccoes from Qal‘eh-i Yazdigird, Western Iran
Ilkka SYVÄNNE (University of Haifa, Israel), Parthian Cataphract vs. the Roman Army 53 BC-AD 224
Morteza KHANIPOOR (University of Tehran, Iran), Hosseinali KAVOSH (University of Zabol, Iran), Reza NASERI (University of Zabol, Iran), The reliefs of Naqš-e Rostam and a reflection on a forgotten relief, Iran
Gholamreza KARAMIAN (Tehran Azad University, Iran), Kaveh FARROKH (University of British Columbia, Canada), Sassanian stucco decorations from the Ramavand (Barz Qawaleh) excavations in the Lorestan Province of Iran
Katarzyna MAKSYMIUK (Siedlce University, Poland), The capture Ḥaṭrā in light of military and political activities of Ardašīr I
Michael Richard JACKSON BONNER (Canada), A Brief Military History of the Later Reign of Šāpur II
Patryk SKUPNIEWICZ (Siedlce University, Poland), The bullae of the spahbedan. Some iconographic remarks
Joan ZOUBERI (British Institute of Persian Studies, Greece), The role of religion in the foreign affairs of Sasanian Iran and the Later Roman Empire (330-630 A.D.)
Adam KUBIK (Siedlce University, Poland), Mysterious helmet from Verden and its “link” with Tibetan helmets