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In Search of the Origins of Lower Egyptian Pottery, A New Approach to Old Data

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Agnieszka Maczynska, In Search of the Origins of Lower Egyptian Pottery, A New Approach to Old Data, Studies in African Archaeology, vol. 16, Poznań 2018

  List of Maps                                          
  List of Tables                                       
  List of Figures                                       
  List of Abbreviations                                 
Chapter 1
  1.1. Aims and outline of the study                    
  1.2. Geographic background                            
    1.2.1. Lower Egypt                                  
    1.2.2. The eastern Sahara                           
    1.2.3. The southern Levant                          
  1.3. Chronological and cultural background            
    1.3.1. Lower Egypt                                  
    1.3.2. The eastern Sahara                           
    1.3.3. The southern Levant                          
  1.4. Climatic background                              
    1.4.1. Lower Egypt                                  
    1.4.2. The eastern Sahara                           
    1.4.3. The southern Levant                          
Chapter 2
Theorethical approaches To the origins oF pottery        
  2.1. Ceramic theory                                   
  2.2. An economic approach to the origins of pottery   
  2.3. Pottery technology as a social tradition         
  2.4. Early pottery as a prestige technology           
  2.5. Pottery and mobility                             
  2.6. The theoretical approach and method of the study
Chapter 3
The State of Research on the origins of Lower Egyptian Pottery                         
  3.1. The origins of pottery amongst prehistoric societies –
      a short overview                                  
   3.2. The origins of pottery in Lower Egypt                         
     3.2.1. The southern Levant as a source of Lower Egyptian pottery
     3.2.2. The Western Desert as a source of Lower Egyptian pottery  
   3.3. Summary                                                       
Chapter 4
The cultural situation in North-Eastern Africa and The southern
Levant During The Early and Middle Holocene Periods                   
   4.1. The Neolithic period of Lower Egypt                           
     4.1.1. The Fayumian culture                                      
     4.1.2. The Merimde culture                                       
     4.1.3. The el-Omari culture                                      
     4.1.4. The Neolithic societies of Lower Egypt - a summary        
   4.2. The Holocene humid phase in the eastern Sahara                
     4.2.1. The Western Desert                                        
     4.2.2. Oases                                                     
     4.2.3. The Eastern Desert                                         
     4.2.4. Early and Middle Holocene hunter-gatherers and herders
          of the eastern Sahara – a summary                            
   4.3. The Pottery Neolithic of the southern Levant                   
     4.3.1. Pre-Pottery Neolithic / Pottery Neolithic transition      
     4.3.2. The Yarmukian culture                                     
     4.3.3. The Lodian (Jericho IX) culture                           
     4.3.4. The Wadi Rabah culture                                    
     4.3.5. Nizzanim variant/phase/ware                                
     4.3.6. The Qatifian culture                                      
     4.3.7. The Pottery Neolithic of the southern Levant – a summary   
Chapter 5
Early and Middle Holocene pottery of North-Eastern Africa
and The southern Levant                                                
   5.1. Lower Egypt                                                    
     5.1.1. Fayumian pottery                                          
     5.1.2. Merimde pottery                                           
     5.1.3. El-Omari pottery                                          
     5.1.4. The Neolithic pottery tradition of Lower Egypt - a summary
   5.2. Eastern Sahara                                                 
     5.2.1. Nabta Playa-Bir Kiseiba                                   
     5.2.2. Gilf Kebir and Jebel Ouenat                                
     5.2.3. The Great Sand Sea                                         
     5.2.4. The Abu Ballas scarp land                                  
     5.2.5. The Abu Muhariq Plateau                                
     5.2.6. The Dakhleh Oasis                                       
     5.2.7. The Kharga Oasis                                        
     5.2.8. The Farafra Oasis                                       
     5.2.9. Sodmein Cave                                            
     5.2.10. The eastern Saharan pottery tradition - a summary      
   5.3. The southern Levant                                         
     5.3.1. The origins of pottery in the southern Levant           
     5.3.2. Yarmukian pottery                                      
     5.3.3. Lodian pottery                                         
     5.3.4. Wadi Rabah pottery                                     
     5.3.5. Nizzanim pottery                                       
     5.3.6. Qatifian pottery                                       
     5.3.7. The Pottery Neolithic pottery tradition of the southern Levant –
          a summary                                                 

Chapter 6
Comparative analyses of The pottery of Lower Egypt,
The southern Levant and The eastern Sahara                          
   6.1. Neolithic pottery production in Lower Egypt                 
     6.1.1. The stages of pottery production                       
     6.1.2. The organisation and development of pottery production
          in Neolithic Lower Egypt                                  
   6.2. Middle Holocene pottery production in the central
       and northern part of the Western Desert                      
     6.2.1. The stages of pottery production                       
     6.2.2. The organisation and development of pottery production
          in the central and northern part of the Western Desert   
   6.3. Pottery Neolithic pottery production in the southern Levant
     6.3.1. The stages of pottery production                       
     6.3.2. The organisation and development of pottery production
          in the Pottery Neolithic southern Levant                  
   6.4. A comparative analysis: Lower Egyptian Neolithic pottery
       vs. Pottery Neolithic pottery of the southern Levant         
   6.5. A comparative analysis: Lower Egyptian Neolithic pottery
       vs. undecorated thin-walled pottery                         
   6.6. Summary and conclusions                                     

Chapter 7
The Origins of Lower Egyptian Neolithic pottery. A model       
Chapter 8
Neolithic Pottery of Lower Egypt in tHe collections
of museums and other institutions                               
  App. 1. Introduction                                          
  App. 2. The method of pottery analyses                        
  App. 3. Fayumian pottery (Tables 7abc)                        
    App. 3.1. The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology,
         University College London (Figs. 11-12)               
    App. 3.2. British Museum (Figs. 13-15)                      
  App. 4. Merimde pottery (Tables 8abc)                         
    App. 4.1. The University of Vienna (Figs. 16-17)            
    App. 4.2. Medelhavsmuseet in Stockholm (Figs. 18-20)        
  App. 5. El-Omari pottery in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo
      (Tables 9abc, Fig. 21)                                    
  App. 6. Summary                                               
  App. Abbreviations for Tables 7abc-9abc