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Journal of Ancient Civilizations, Volume 21

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Journal of Ancient Civilizations, Volume 21, 2006, IHAC 2006

Wu YUHONG: Sheep, Goats, Pigs, Calves and Ducks in the House of The Lady in Girsu
WAYNE HOROWITZ: Cuneiform in Canaan
OLIVER WEHR: The Judgement of Paris in Homer
ZHANG Bo: The Sed-Festival and Ancient Egyptian Chronology
RUOMING LlNGHU: On the Establishment of the Unified State in Ancient Egypt .
PETER BEYLAGE: Zur inhaltlichen Struktur des Berichtes Ramses' II. Uber die Schlacht bei Qadesh
CUI LIMA & GUO XIAOLING: A Review of Peter J. Rhodes (ed.), Athenian Democracy
M. A. and Ph. D. Dissertations 2006, IHAC, Changchun Books Received