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Loi et coutume dans l’Égypte grecque et romaine

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ISBN: 978-83-938425-0-6
Description: hardback, XIV+381 pp. (24x17cm)
Condition: new
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Joseph Mélèze Modrzejewski, Loi et coutume dans l’Égypte grecque et romaine, Les facteurs de formation du droit en Égypte d'Alexandre le Grand à la conquête arabe, JJP Supplement, vol. 21, Warsaw 2014

The book is devoted to the sources of law from Egypt during the millennium from the rule of Alexander the Great (332 B.C.) till Arab conquest (640 A.D.). They are known through documents, mostly Greek, but also Egyptian and Latin, written on papyri, which since the XIX century occupy the historians of law.

The work is divided into two parts according to chronological order. The first part refers to the Ptolemaic period under the rule of the dynasty which originated withPtolemaios, son of Lagos, one of Alexander’s generals, who took control over Egypt after Alexander’s death and the division of his short-lasting empire. The second part of the book brings under analysis the situation after the incorporation of Egypt to the Imperium Romanum by Octavian August (30 B.C.).

The study of law sources introduces the reader to the variety of problems steming from the papyrological documents. In the époque of European Integration this subject calls for the highest attention of historians and lawyers.