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Novensia 28

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ISBN: 978-83-946222-5-1
Description: hardback, 201 pp. (21,5x30,5cm), figs.
Condition: new
Weight: 1000g.


Novensia 28, ed. by Piotr Dyczek, Osrodek Badan nad Antykiem Europy Poludniowo-Wschodniej, Warszawa 2017

Adam Jakub Jarych
On the frontiers of the province: monumentalizing Roman tower trophies
in the times of the Roman Republic and Empire
Krzysztof Narloch
Wind of change. The social background of Roman cavalry development in
the fourth century
Saimir Shpuza
Scodra and the Labeates. Cities, rural fortifications and territorial defence
in the Hellenistic period
Kriledjan Çipa
Himara in the Hellenistic period. Analysis of historical, epigraphic and
archaeological sources
Renata Ciołek
Collection of 48 provincial coins from Novae (Bulgaria), Sector XII.
Numismatic study
Michał Duch
Stamps on bricks and tiles from Novae. Outline of chronology
Marian Mocanu, George Nuțu
Late Roman red slip ware from Aegyssus
George Nuțu
Cast in glass: an intaglio from Halmyris
Paweł Lech, Elżbieta Sroczyńska
Finds of Hellenistic mould-made bowls from Polish excavations in Tanais.
Seasons 2014–2017
Małgorzata Daszkiewicz, Ewa Bobryk, Manja Wetendorf
Experimental archaeology: to what extent is it possible to reconstruct
ancient pottery forming techniques?
Renata Ciołek
Some remarks on a recently published volume of studies on coins from
Jasna Jeličić Radonić, Hermine Göricke-Lukić, Ivan Mirnik, Faros. Grčki, grčko-ilirski i rimski novac, in collaboration with Damir Doračić, Ivana Zamboni and Maja Bonačić-Mandinić, vol. III (= Biblioteka Knjiga Mediterana 99), Split 2017