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Piekary, Pres de Cracovie (Pologne) complexe des sites paléolithiques

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ISBN: 83-88857-86-X
Description: softcover, 342 pages (23,5x16cm), plans, maps, phots., figs., tables
Condition: very good
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Piekary, Pres de Cracovie (Pologne) complexe des sites paléolithiques, sous la direction de E. Sachse-Kozlowska, S. K. Kozlowski, Cracovie 2004


The book presents complete materials form the classical complex of Polish Paleolithic sites in Piekary near Cracow (the Nad Galoska and Na Golabcu caves and the open sites Piekary I and II). The authors publish extensive Middle Paleolithic (Micoquien and Levaloisien) and Upper Paleolithic (Aurignacian) materials from the research by G. Ossowski, S. Krukowski and L. Sawicki, as well as an interesting set with backed knives from Site IIa. Additionally, the volume includes geological, paleozoological, paleobotanical and chronological analyses.