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Recent Research Into the Stone Age of Northeastern Africa

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ISBN: 83-907529-6-4
Description: softcover, 276 pages (17x24 cm), drawings, plans, photographs
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Recent Research Into the Stone Age of Northeastern Africa, Studies in African Archaeology, vol. 7, edited by L. Krzyzaniak, K. Kroeper and M. Kobusiewicz, Poznan Archaeological Museum 2000


I. Western Desert of Egypt and the Sudan
Barbara E. Banch and Fekri A. Hassan
A stratified sequence from Wadi el-Obeiyd, Farafra: new data on subsistence and chronology of the Egyptian Western Desert
Heiko Riemer
Regenfeld 96/1 - Great Sand Sea and the question of human settlement on whaleback dunes
II. Stone Age of Egypt and the Sudan
Louis Chaix, Marline Faure, Claude Guerin and Mathieu Honegger Kaddanarti, a Lower Pleistocene assemblage from Northern Sudan
Philip van Peer and Pierre M. Vermeersch
The Nubian complex and the dispersal of modern humans in North Africa
Jacek Kabacinski and Donatella Usai
Preliminary results of the study on Late Palaeolithic chert workshops (Upper Egypt)
Friederike Jesse
Early Khartoum ceramics in the Wadi Howar (Northwest Sudan)
Birgit Keeling
New data on the Holocene occupation of the Wadi Howar region
Maria C. Gatto
The most ancient evidence of the "A-Groups" Culture in Lower Nubia
Francis Geus
Geomorphology and prehistory of Sai Island (Nubia): report on a current research project
Derek A. Welsby
South from Kadruka: the Neolithic in the Northern Dongola Reach, Sudan
Elena A. A. Garcea
A Late Neolithic site near el-Kurru (Sudan) Predynastic and Dynastic Egypt and Nubia
Mohammed Adel Mohammed Abd El Moneim Knobbed bowls of the Late Predynastic - Early Dynastic Period
Juan J. Castillos
Social development in Predynastic Egypt: Matmar, a case study
Renee Friedman
Regional diversity in the Predynastic pottery of
Upper Egyptian settlements
Karla Kroeper
Corpus of potmarks and inscriptions from the Pre/Early Dynastic cemetery at Minshat Abu Omar (Northeastern Delta, Egypt)
Ian Shaw
The evidence for amethyst mining in Nubia and Egypt
III. Libya
Mauro Cremaschi, Savino Di Lernia and Elena A. A. Garcea
First chronological indications on the Aterian in the Libyan Sahara
IV. Central Africa
Samuel Gotilogue
Etat de recherches archeologiques en Republique Centrafricaine
V. Ethiopia
Laurel Phillipson
A functional consideration of Gudit scrapers from Aksum