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Religious Life in Ancient Cities, Electrum, vol. 30 (2023)

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ISBN: 9788323352501
Description: softcover, 469 pages (17x24), figs.
Condition: new
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Religious Life in Ancient Cities, Electrum, vol. 30 (2023), edited by Edward Dabrowa, Jagiellonian University Press, Cracow 2023

Aleksander Krawczuk (1922–2023)
Micaela Canopoli, La dedica di Axios e Kapo ad Artemide Nanaia e il Phosphorion del Pireo
Ivo Topalilov, The Founder’s Cult in Messambria Pontica
Elena Santagati, I re macedoni e le due corone di Zeus
Stefano G. Caneva, Shaping the Elite of Attalid Pergamon: A Reappraisal of the Epigraphic Dossiers Concerning Priesthoods
Catharine C. Lorber, Honoring the King in the Seleukid and Ptolemaic Empires: A Comparative Approach. Part 2
Hadrien Bru, Séleukos I er et le culte de Zeus Nikatôr
Anna Heller, La panégyriarchie dans les carrières civiques
Axel Filges, Cult Image or Decor? Options for the Interpretation of Deities on Provincial Coinage from Asia Minor in an Overview of Research History
Anna Tatarkiewicz, In the Invisible Space – The Phenomemon of Crypts in Ostia
Aleksandra Kubiak-Schneider, The Rules of the House (of Gods): Administrative and Ritual Norms of the Palmyrene Temples
Michael Blömer, Sîn City: Notes on the Moon God of Ḫarrān/Carrhae in the Partho-Roman Period
Carmen Alarcón Hernández, Hunc deum quis credet? Some Considerations on the Belief in the Divinity of Emperors
Martha W. Baldwin Bowsky, The Imperial Cult: A Cretan Perspective
Marco Vitale, The Provincial Imperial Cult in the Levant (Syria, Phoenice, Commagene, Judea, Decapolis, Arabia)


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