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Rome in Involution, Cassiodorus' Variae in their Literary and Historical Setting

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ISBN: 83-232-0263-X
Description: softcover, 367 pp. (17x24 cm); 450 vols. issued
Condition: very good
Weight: 535g.




Robin Macpherson, Rome in Involution, Cassiodorus' Variae in their Literary and Historical Setting, UAM, Poznan 1989

Part One: Roman West and Germanic Kingdoms
A Note on Sources
Chapter 1: The Language of Roman Authority
Chapter 2: Western Aristocracies and their Culture in the Fourth and Fifth Centuries
Chapter 3: Roman Culture in the Western Kingdoms
I:   Visigoths, Franks, Burgundians
II:  The Vandal Kingdom of Carthage
III:  Diplomatic Latin
Part Two: The Ostrogothic Kingdom
Chapter 1: The Creation of the Ostrogothic Kingdom
I:   Odovacer and Theoderic
II:  Germans and Romans
III: Ruling the Goths
IV:  Theoderic and the Church of Rome
V:    The Building Programme
VI:  Theoderic and Western Europe
VII:  The Person of Theoderic
Chapter 2: The Uniqueness of Cassiodorus
Part Three: Italy and the Latin Nest in the Sixth Century
Chapter 1: Respectable Christianity
I:   The Romans of Rome and their Church
II:  Aristocratic Bishops
Chapter 2: The Cultural Climate in Closer Perspective
I:   A Bulwark Against Change
II:  Mystique and Reality
III:  The Radical Tide
: The Language and Imagery of the Variae
Chapter 1: Zeitgeist
I:   Through the Prism
II:  Abstract Nouns in Late Latin
III:  The Eclipse of the Individual
Chapter 2: Some Variae in Focus
Five: The Passing of the Old
Chapter 1: The Destruction of the Ostrogothic Kingdom
I:   Theoderic and the Senate
II:   The Years 519-554
Chapter 2: Epilogue
I:   Dilettante Clerics
II:  Sermo Humilis
III:  Cassiodorus and the Early-Mediaeval Latin Culture
IV:  The Disappearance of Liberal Studies Among the Laity
V:   Pathways of Continuity