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Seleucid and Arsacid Studies, A Progress Report on Developments in Source Research

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ISBN: 83-88857-62-2
Description: hardback, jacket, 103 pp. (24x17cm), map
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Jozef Wolski, Seleucid and Arsacid Studies, A Progress Report on Developments in Source Research, Krakow 2003

I. Iran during the formation of the Hellenistic State. A source analysis
II. The weakness of the Seleucid Kingdom: satrap rebellions and Scythian and Celtic invasions
III. A critique of Arrian's account of the origins of the Arsacid Parthian State. The role of Strabo and Justin
IV. New sources from Iran and Babylonia for Seleucid and Arsacid history, and their significance for the reconstruction of the historical developments
V. Central Asia, its links and role in the shaping of the new Hellenistic order in the Near East
VI. Seleucid setbacks in the struggle against the Arsacids, and the Seleucid anti-Arsacid propaganda campaign
VII. A reconstruction of the process of disintegration of Seleucid power in Iran in the 3rd century BC
VIII. The historicity of Arsaces I and his invasion of Iran
IX. The peoples of Central Asia, their cultural level and reaction to the Macedonian imperialist threat
X. The Arsacids and the Hellenistic world: a critique of some recent opinions
XI. Source analysis and criticism. New grounds for a chronology of the disintegration of Seleucid power in Iran and its causes
XII. The Arsacids and the Iranian world: policies and reform
III. Seleucids and Arsacids in the Roman sphere of influence. Demise of the Seleucids Arsacids versus Rome in Armenia
XIV. Domestic transformations in the Parthian state: the Arsacids claim the Achaemenid legacy
Literary sources
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Selected bibliography
Index of ancient sources
Index of modern authors
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