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Studia Prudentiana. 12 Essays

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Description: softcover, 124 pp. (23,5x16,5cm), edition: 300 copies
Condition: very good
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Stanislaw Stabryla, Studia Prudentiana. 12 Essays, Krakow 2006

I. Humanitas Christiana in Prudentius' Poetry
II. The Christian Concept of the Victory of Virtue over Vice in Prudentius' Psychomachia
III. Fides in Prudentius' Psychomachia
IV. An Ideal Christian in the Light of Prudentius' Psychomachia
V. The Concept of Martyrdom in Prudentius' Peristephanon
VI. Criticism of the Pagan Religion in Prudentius' Peristephanon
VII. Pagan and Christian Rome in Prudentius' Peristephanon
VIII. Death for Christ as Victory in the Light of Prudentius' Peristephanon
IX. Christiani nominis hostis'. Images of the Persecutors of Christians in Prudentius' Peristephanon
X. The Realistic and the Supernatural Orderof the World Presented in Prudentius' Peristephanon
XI. Picta imago martyris: Paintings as a Source of Inspiration for the Prudentius' Peristephanon IX and XI
XII. The Function of Monologue and Dialoguein Prudentius' Peristephanon