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Studies in Ancient Art and Civilization, vol. 15

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Description: softcover, 285 pages (24x17 cm), ills.
Condition: new
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Studies in Ancient Art and Civilization, vol. 15, Jagiellonian University, Krakow 2011

Krzysztof M. Ciałowicz, Fantastic creatures and cobras from Tell el-Farkha
Joanna Dębowska-Ludwin, Early Egyptian tomb security – middle class burials from Tell el-Farkha
Maciej Pawlikowski and Joanna Dębowska-Ludwin, Bone material and mineralogical processes of its destruction at the site of Tell el-Farkha
Magdalena Maria Nowak, Results of the preliminary analysis of Lower Egyptian settlement discovered on the Central Kom in Tell  el-Farkha
Mariusz A. Jucha, Tell Abu el-Halyat. The new Naqada III – Old Kingdom (?) site in the northeastern Nile Delta
Marcin Czarnowicz, Knobbed bowls from Naqada II and III contexts in Egypt
Joachim Śliwa, Pharaoh triumphing over an enemy. Remarks on a scene from Aksha
Tomasz Podgórski, A brief excursus on some royal portraits from the Temple of Thotmes III at Deir el-Bahari
Krzysztof Jakubiak, Some remarks on the camel on Sasanian seals
Agata Dobosz, What did the burning torch appearing on Rhodian amphora stamps symbolise?
Wojciech Machowski, Graves beneath barrows on Ancient necropoleis in the North-Pontic area
Edyta Marzec, The domed-mouth unguentaria from Cyprus
Agnieszka Fulińska, The missing link? Iconography and literary legend of Alexander the Great
Wojciech Sowa, Old Persian Yaunā takabarā and Macedonian Kαυσία
Marta Korczyńska-Zdąbłarz, Lasa ed iconografia delle figure femminili alate su alcuni monumenti etruschi
Kamil Kopij, Pietas in the propaganda of Sextus Pompey
Dorota Gorzelany, Devicta Brittania. Fragment of a Roman sword scabbard in Krakow
Katarzyna Lach, Roman coins from Berenike (Seasons 1994-2000)
Agnieszka Ochał-Czarnowicz, The cult of heroes reflected on mosaic pavements
Marta Kania, Discovery and manipulations. Some comments about archaeology, politics and the right to the cultural heritage in Peru in the centenary of the ‘Scientific Discovery’ of Machupicchu
Grażyna Wrona, Polish scientific magazines on Classical philology, archaeology and prehistory in the period 1918-1939
Leszek Zinkow, The ‘Egyptian House’, Hans Makart and Cleopatra from Krakow
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