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Studies on Religion: Seeking Origins and Manifestations of Religion

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ISBN: 978-83-7549-203-3
Description: softcover, 174 pp. (21x30), 64 figs.
Condition: very good
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Studies on Religion: Seeking Origins and Manifestations of Religion, Acta Archaeologica Pultuskiensia, vol. III, ed. by J. Popielska-Grzybowska, J. Iwaszczuk, Department of Anthropology and Archaeology, Pultusk 2011

MARCIN CZARNOWICZ, Origins and Manifestations of Religion in the Prehistoric Levant
PIOTR CZERKWINSKI, Can Flames Ensure Immortality to Humans? A Few Words on Hypocephali and Their Significance for the Dead in the Culture of Ancient Egypt
DOROTA CZERWIK, Orality and Literacy in the Old Kingdom Tomb Inscriptions
WLADYSLAW DUCZKO, Religious Mind of Early Scandinavians according to Archaeological Finds
ASDIS EGILSDOTTIR, Recognised and Potential Saints in Medieval Iceland
GRZEGORZ FIRST, Polymorphic or Pantheistic Deities? - Some Problems with Identification and Interpretation. Contribution to the Manifestation of God in Late Egyptian Religion and Magic
JERZY GASSOWSKI, Paganism - Christianity - State Formation
KRZYSZTOF JAKUBIAK, Some Remarks on Fantastic Creatures in Urartian Art and Their Religious Aspects
ROMUALD JAWORSKI, REV., Psychological Interpretation of the Genesis and Structure of Religiousness
BOZENA JOZEFOW-CzERwiNSKA, Seeking Creations and Changes in "Other Worlds" Beliefs according to Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology Data
Agnieszka KOWALSKA, KAMIL KURASZKIEWICZ, Some Aspects of Purification after Death in the Old Kingdom in Egypt
JAKUB MORAWIEC, Religious Aspects of Skaldic Poetry - the Case of Hallfredar Saga
ANDRZEJ NIWINSKI, The Coffin as the Universe: Cosmological Scenes on the Twenty-first Dynasty Coffins
PIERO PASINI, Cittadinanza e famiglia: la "religione dei cimiteri" nel XIX secolo. Una passeggiata nel cimitero veneziano
KAROL PIASECKI, Andrzej Wierciniski's Concept of Religion
JOANNA POPIELSKA-GRZYBOWSKA, "Say that which is, do not say that which is not, for non-conformance of words is god's abomination" - Unique Notions of Egyptian Religion in the Light of Anthropology of Word
ANDRZEJ ROZWALKA, An Outline of the Archaeological Research on the Medieval Parish Network in Poland with Special Regard to the Lublin Land
ALEKSANDRA SZYMKUC, Neo-Assyrian Prophetesses
KRZYSZTOF ULANOWSKI, The Mythological and Archaeological Aspects of Religious Influences of the Near East on Greece
DOROTA WANACKA, Hittite King: a God or a Human?
JOANNA WAWRZENIUK, The Specificity of Slavic Folk Beliefs in the Middle Ages - Theoretical Consideration