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System of Analytical Archaeography

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Description: softcover, 141 pages (24x17), figs., tables
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Jaroslaw Malina, System of Analytical Archaeography, Academia Praha 1977

1. Introduction and delimitation of the problems
2. Outline of the development of archaeography
3. Basic description and its procedures
3.1    Conception of the object and of the property
3.2    Basic description
3.3    Interpretation of the basic description in the sentential calculus
3.4    Geometrical interpretation of the basic description
3.5    Transformation of the basic description
3.6    Probability in the basic description
3.7    Relations between pairs of columns (rows) of the basic description
3.8    Relations between sets of columns (rows) with more than two elements
3.9    Relations of elements of the basic description
3.10 Information systems
4. Interpretation of the basic description as for the contents
4.1   System of the archaeographical description
4.2    Classification in archaeography
4.3   Space in archaeography
4.4    Time in archaeography
4.5    Shape in archaeography
4.6    Scheme of archaeographical investigations
4.7    Formation and testing of archaeological concepts and hypotheses
4.8    Prehistorical interpretation of an archaeological concept
5. Appendix