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The Coming of Rome, Cultural Landscape of South-Eastern Sicily

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ISBN: 978-83-61376-17-0
Description: paperback, 262 pp. (29,5x21 cm), figs.
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Roksana Chowaniec, The Coming of Rome, Cultural Landscape of South-Eastern Sicily, Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw, Warsaw 2017

Chapter I. Geography and the natural environment of the region
1.1. General characteristics of the island
1.2. South-eastern part of the island
Chapter II. Outline of the history of the region
II. 1. Historical background and introduction
II.2. Structure, economy, and culture of the provincia Sicilia
Chapter III. Hellenistic Syracuse, the Syracusan Kingdom, and the Roman siege
111.1. Origins
111.2. Agathocles and introduction of the Mamertines
111.3. Fourth Syracusan democracy
111.4. Pyrrhus
111.5. Hiero II and Rome
Chapter IV. Roman conquest of the Syracusan Kingdom
Chapter V. Cultural landscape of the Syracusan Kingdom under the Romans
Chapter VI. Culture landscape of Akrai. An example of town in new political situation
VI. 1. Historical sketch of town since its foundation
VI.2.Akrai's culture landscape
VI.3.Akrai during the Second Punic War
VI.4 The town after the fall of Syracuse
VI.5. Archaeological sources to the history of the town after 212 BC
VI.6. Daily life and town's economy after 212 BC. Preliminary results
VI.6.1. Attempt at reconstructing diet, breeding, and agriculture
VI.6.2. Reconstruction of the environment
VI.6.3. Production