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Titulus. Studies in Memory Dr. Stanislaw Kalita

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ISBN: 83-233-1849-2
Description: 151 pages
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Titulus. Studies in Memory Dr. Stanislaw Kalita. Edited by Edward Dabrowa, Electrum v. 8, Jagiellonian University Press, Cracow 2004

Stawomir Sprawski, Battle of Tegyra (375 BC). Breaking through and the Opening of the Ranks
Thomas Harrison, Mastering the Landscape
Michael Whitby, Four Notes on Alexander
Andrew Faulkner, Apollonius Rhodius: Gods and Prophets. The Human-Divine Relationship in the Argonautica
Edward Dabrowa, De l'assujetissement a l'independance. Observations sur les relations entre les Scleucides et les Maccabees (de 152 a env. 114 av. J.-C.)
Tomasz Grabowski, The Formation of the Kingdom of Cyrene at the End of the 2nd c. BC
Maciej Piegdori, Marcus Licinius Crassus and the Trial of Publius Claudius Pulcher
Wojciech Boruch, Financial Issues in the Reign of Domitian Selected aspects
Michal Stachura, The Eunomian (Anomean) Church in the Christian Roman Empire
Dawid  Zolotenki, Billimer Galliarum rector. Contribution a l'histoire de l'administration militaire en Gaule meridionale (472 apr. J.-C.)
Rafal Kosinski, A few Remarks on the Author of the Vita Hypatii