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Origins of Central Europe

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Origins of Central Europe, ed. by P. Urbanczyk, Warsaw 1997

-Jacek Banaszkiewicz, Andrzej Buko, Roman Michalowski, Przemyslaw Urbariczyk, Introduction
-Jerzy Kolendo, Central Europe and the Mediterranean World in the lst-5th Centuries A.D
-Hansjiirgen Brachmann, Tribal Organizations in Central Europe in the 6th-10th Centuries A.D. Reflections on the Ethnic and Political Development in the Second Half of the First Millennium
-Przemyslaw Urbanczyk, Changes of Power Structure During the 1st Millennium A.D. in the Northern Part of Central Europe
-Herwig Wolfram, The Ethno-Political Entities in the Region of the Upper and Middle Danube in the 6th-9th Centuries A.D.
-Jerzy Gassowski, Cult and Authority in Central Europe
-Walter Pohl, The Role of the Steppe Peoples in Eastern and
Central Europe in the First Millennium A.D.
-Michal Parczewski, Beginnings of the Slavs' Culture
-Hanna Popowska-Taborska, The Slavs in the Early Middle Ages from the Viewpoint of Contemporary Linguistics
-Zbigniew Kobylinski, Settlement Structures in Central
Europe at the Beginning of the Middle Ages
-Christian Liibke, Forms of Political Organisation of the
Polabian Slavs (until the 10th Century A.D.)
-Zofia Kurnatowska, Territorial Structures in West Poland Prior to the Founding of the State Organization of Mieszko I
-Marek Dulinicz, The First Dendrochronological Dating of the Strongholds in Northern Mazovia
-Alexander T. Ruttkay, Grofimahren: Anmerkungen zum
gegenwartigen Forschungsstand iiber die Siedlungs- und sozialokonomischen Strukturen
-Peter G. Heather, Prankish Imperialism and Slavic Society
-Wladyslaw Duczko, Scandinavians in the Southern Baltic
between the 5th and the 10th Centuries A.D.
-Urszula Lewicka-Rajewska, The Slavs of Central Europe and the Muslim World until the Beginning of the 10th Century in the Light of the Arabic Written Sources
-Andrzej Bartczak, Finds of Dirhams in Central Europe Prior to the Beginning of the 10th Century A.D.
-Marcin Kozub, The Chronology of the Inflow of Byzantine Coins into the Avar Khaganate
-Roman Michalowski, Summary of the Discussion