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Animal Sacrifice in Ancient Greece

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ISBN: 978-83-65886-02-6
Description: hardback, 227 pp. (24x17cm)
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Animal Sacrifice in Ancient Greece, Proceedings of the First International Workshops in Kraków (12-14.11.2015), ed. by Krzysztof Bielawski, Warszawa 2017

Robert Parker (University of Oxford), Introductory Remarks
Scott Scullion (University of Oxford), Penal Sacrifice
Wlodzimierz Lengauer (University of Warsaw), Piety and Sacrifice in Greek Religion
Gunnel Ekroth (Uppsala University), Holocaustic sacrifices in ancient Greek religion: Some comments on practice and theory
Vinciane Pirenne-Delforge (University of Liège), Pure and Impure Ancestors at Selinous: a note on Greek theology
Richard Seaford (University of Exeter), On Vedic Sacrifice, and its Differences from Greek Sacrifice
Krzysztof Bielawski (Jagiellonian University), Animal Sacrifice in Eleusinian Inscriptions of the Classical Period
Barlłomiej Bednarek (University of Warsaw), Whole and ground: krithai and alphita. Prolegomena
Przemyslaw Biernat (Jagiellonian University), Sacrificial bricolage in Plato's Critias
Lech Trzcionkowski (Jagiellonian University), Sacrificial Terminology and the Question of Tradition and Innovation in Greek Animal Sacrifice