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Funerary Traditions in Nubian Early Makuria

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ISBN: 978-83-85824-57-2
Description: paperback, 116 pp. (29,5x21 cm), 42 figs.
Condition: very good
Weight: 450g.

Mahmoud El-Tayeb, Funerary Traditions in Nubian Early Makuria, Gdansk Archaeological Museum African Reports, vol. 9, 2012, Monograph Series 1, Gdansk 2012

Chapter I
Dongola Reach: the Cradle of the Makurian Culture
Geography and Economy
Archaeological Review
The Salvage Campaign 1996-2010
The Settlement Question
Chapter II
Historical Outline of Glory and Decline
Chapter III
Burial Traditions. Changes and Evolution
Part one: Grave construction
Early Meroitic Burials (4th - 3rd century BC)
Classic Meroitic Burials (1st century BC - 2nd century AD)
Late Meroitic Burials (3rd century AD)
Transitional Burials (Late Meroitic to Early Makuria, late 3rd - mid 4th century AD)
Early Makuria Burials (Post-Meroitic, c. AD 350 - 600)
Early Makuria Phase I (c. AD 350 - 450)
Early Makuria Phase II (c. AD 450 - 550)
Underground Tunnels
Chamber Blocking Walls
Early Makuria Therminal Phase (c. AD 550 - 600)
Part two: Mortuary Customs
Grave Goods
Food and Drink
Animal Sacrifice
Chapter IV
Pottery Evolution
Late Meroitic Pottery
Transitional Pottery
Early Makuria production
Early Makuria Phase I (Early Post-Meroitic, c. AD 350 - 450)
Early Makuria Phase II (Late Post-Meroitic, c. AD 450 - 550)
Small Wheelmade Bowls
Ledge-Rimmed Bowls
Medium Size Handmade Jars/Bottles. Cups
Kitchen Ware
Liturgical Vessels?
Imported Pottery
List of Bibliographic Abbreviations. Bibliographic References
List of figures