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Studies in Ancient Art and Civilization, vol. 26

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Description: softcover, 192 pages (24x17 cm), ills., plates
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Studies in Ancient Art and Civilization, vol. 26, Jagiellonian University, Krakow 2022

Phase 5 (Naqada IIIb–IIIc1) in Tell El-Farkha. The Peak of Development or the Beginning of Decline?
Krzysztof M. Cialowicz
La prime testimonianze della metallurgia nei colli albani (Roma, Italia Centrale)
Flavio Altamura, Micaela Angle, Noemi Tomei
Roman Prostitution Through Plautus’ Theatre
María Teresa de Luque Morales
Construction of Ancient Houses in Marina El-Alamein. Analysis of the Demand for Building Stone
Szymon Popławski
Evidence from a Nabataean Inscription Regarding Water and Cult in Nabataea, with Some Remarks on the Nabataean Royal Family
Zeyad al-Salameen, Karl Schmitt-Korte
An investigation into the Pottery Flasks at the Sanandaj Archaeological Museum
Mohammad Ebrahim Zarei, Ali Behnia
The Young Lady in Pink. New Light on the Life and Afterlife of an Ancient Portrait
Jan M. van Daal, Branko F. van Oppen de Ruiter
The Foundation Scene on Roman Colonial Coins from the Near East in the 3rd Century CE
Szymon Jelonek
Représenter l’égyptologue, rendre hommage au Boulonnais. Le portrait d’Auguste Mariette par Florent Buret