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Studies in Ancient Art and Civilization, vol. 14

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Description: softcover, 234 pages (24x17 cm), ills.
Condition: new
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Studies in Ancient Art and Civilization, vol. 14, Jagiellonian University, Krakow 2010

Krzysztof M. Ciałowicz
The boys from Tell el-Farkha
Joanna Dębowska-Ludwin, Mariusz A. Jucha, Grzegorz Pryc,
Piotr Kołodziejczyk
Tell el-Farkha (2009 Season): grave no. 100
Maciej Pawlikowski and Joanna Dębowska-Ludwin
Mineralogical investigation of organic material from graves
at the cemetery in Tell el-Farkha, Egypt
Katarzyna Bodziony-Szweda
The Great Hunt. Some remarks on symbolic and ritual
significance of the hunt and chase motifs
in Egyptian art
Tomasz Podgórski
Some remarks on the problem of the Horus
falcon identification
Agnieszka Fulińska
Iconography of the Ptolemaic queens on coins:
Greek style, Egyptian ideas?
Agata Dobosz
Recent research on the chronology
of Rhodian amphora stamps
Wojciech Machowski
Ancient barrows in North-Pontic area:
origin – evolution – decline
Marta Korczyńska-Zdąbłarz
The purpose of the importation
of Attic red-figured vases into Etruria
Małgorzata Dziedzic
The Italian aes grave from the National
Museum in Krakow collection
Kamil Kopij
Opera Pompei and the theology of Victory
Katarzyna Lach
Imperial Alexandrian coins from the National
Museum in Krakow collection. Supplement
to Imperial Alexandrian Coins by S. Skowronek
Agnieszka Ochał-Czarnowicz
Between East and West: Early Christian architecture
in Macedonia in the social context
Marta Kania
‘La nación que honra su pasado, honra a sí mismo’.
El difícil inicio de la museología nacional y protección
del patrimonio arqueológico del Perú (1822-1911)
Leszek Zinkow
‘Were I not Polish, I would like to be Greek’.
Anna Neumann – the forgotten enthusiast of Greece