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Studies on Ancient Sparta

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ISBN: 978-83-7865-945-7
Description: softcover, 302 pp. (24x17 cm)
Condition: new
Weight: 525g.


Studies on Ancient Sparta, Akanthina, No. 14, ed. by R. Kulesza, N. Sekunda, Gdansk 2020

Maciej Kokoszko
Mélas zomós (μέλας ζωμός), or on a Certain Spartan Dish. A Source Study
Aleksander Wolicki
Women and Sport in Classical Sparta – Myth and Reality
Jacek Rzepka
From the Fight for the Cheese to the Contest of Endurance – a Revolution or an Evolution?
Sebastian Rajewicz
Gennaiai Kynes. Laconian Hounds
Magdalena Myszkowska-Kaszuba
Nέοι, μέσοι, γέροντες. Intergenerational Interactions in Sparta
Anna M. Kruszyńska
Spartan Wives, Mothers, Grandmothers and Daughters. Marriage and the Family in Ancient Sparta from the Women’s Point of View
Mait Kõiv
Amyklai: Rituals, Traditions and the Origins of Spartan State .
Ryszard Kulesza
Leonidas. Myth and Reality
Nicholas Sekunda
Pausanias and the Murder of the Helots (Thuc. 4.80.3–4)
Alexander A. Sinitsyn
The Spartan General Brasidas, the Macedonian King Perdiccas II, and Chalcidian Poleis in the Thracian Campaign of 424–423 BC: Remarks on the History of the ‘Triple Alliance’
Marek Jan Olbrycht
Agesilaus’ Cavalry Tactics at Narthacion and Coroneia (394 BC)
Wojciech Duszyński
The Naval Battle of Naxos and the Spartan Naval Campaign in the Aegean in 376 BC
Krzysztof Nawotka
Alexander the Great, Sparta, and Ps.-Callisthenes