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The Old Kingdom Art and Archaeology, Proceedings of the Conference Held in Prague, May 31-June 4, 2004

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ISBN: 9788020014658
Description: hardback, 381 pp. (30x21cm), col. plates, figs.
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The Old Kingdom Art and Archaeology, Proceedings of the Conference Held in Prague, May 31-June 4, 2004, ed. by Miroslav Barta, Prague 2006

Tomb and social status : the textual evidence / Nicole Alexanian
Some aspects of the non-royal afterlife in the Old Kingdom / James P. Allen
Miniature and model vessels in Ancient Egypt / Susan Allen
Presenting the ndt-hr-offerings to the tomb owner / Hartwig Altenmuller
King Sahura with the precious trees from Punt in a unique scene! / Tarek El Awady
The Sixth Dynasty tombs in Abusir : tomb complex of the vizier Qar and his family / Miroslav Barta
Die Statuen mit Papyrusrolle im Alten Reich / Edith Bernhauer
False doors & history : the Sixth Dynasty / Edward Brovarski
The iconography of the princess in the Old Kingdom / Vivienne G. Callender
A new necropolis from the Old Kingdom at South Saqqara / Vassil Dobrev
The development of the Eastern and GIS cemeteries at Giza during the Fourth Dynasty : the relationship between architecture and tomb decoration / Laurel Flentye
Rethinking the rules for Old Kingdom sculpture : observations on poses and attributes of limestone statuary from Giza / Rita Freed
Continuity or collapse : wooden statues from the end of the Old Kingdom and the First Intermediate Period / Julia Harvey
Portions of an Old Kingdom offering list reified / Salima Ikram
Old Kingdom tombs and dating : problems and priorities : the Cemetery en Echelon at Giza / Peter Janosi
Research into Fifth Dynasty sun temples : past, present and future / Jaromir Krejci, Dusan Magdolen
The title htmtj ntr - god's sealer - in the Old Kingdom / Kamil O. Kuraszkiewicz
The function of the faience inlays in the funerary temple of Raneferef at Abusir / Renata Landgrafova
Stones, ancestors, and pyramids : investigating the pre-pyramid landscape of Memphis / Serena Love
A re-examination of Reisner's nucleus cemetery concept at Giza : preliminary remarks on Cemetery G 2100 / Peter Der Manuelian
Are large excavations really necessary? / lan Mathieson
The 'Dry Moat' west of the Netjerykhet enclosure / Karol Mysliwiec
Two enigmatic circular mud brick structures in the Western Field at Giza. A preliminary report / Stephen R. Phillips
Der Grabherr und die Lotosblume. Zu lokalen und geschlechtsspezifischen Traditionen eines Motivkreises / Gabriele Pieke
Little women: gender and hierarchic proportion in Old Kingdom mastaba chapels / Ann Macy Roth
Grave consequences. Developing analytical methods to elucidate patterns of social differentiation at early Egyptian cemetery sites / Joanne M. Rowland
Dog missing his master. Reflections on an Old Kingdom tomb relief in the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore / Regine Schulz
Ideal and reality in Old Kingdom private funerary cults / Yayoi Shirai
The translation of texts of the Old Kingdom / Nigel Strudwick
The columns of Abusir / Miroslav Verner
The administrative documents in the Abusir papyrus archives / Hana Vymazalova
A new early Old Kingdom layered stone structure at Northwest Saqqara. A preliminary report / Sakuji Yoshimura, Nozomu Kawai
The architectural complex of Akhethetep at Saqqara: the last discoveries / Christiane Ziegler