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Dongola – ancient Tungul, Archaeological guide

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ISBN: 978-83-903796-6-1
Description: softcover, 165 pages (21x16,5 cm), photographs, drawings, plans
Condition: new
Weight: 465g.

Wlodzimierz Godlewski, Dongola – ancient Tungul, Archaeological guide, PCMA, University of Warsaw, Warsaw 2013

Time & Space. Guide to history and excavations
Town History
Dongolan studies: Research and perspectives
Topography of town and vicinity
Citadel and fortifications
Building I: “Palace of Ioannes”
Commemorative monuments
Commemorative Building
Cruciform Church (CC): royal ambitions
Throne Hall
First Cathedral
Second Cathedral
Third Cathedral
Fourth Cathedral
Old Church
Building X
First Mosaic Church
Early Church D
Second Mosaic Church
New type of church
Pillar Church
King’s Church
Church D
Church at Hambukol
Late churches
Northwest Church
North Church
Tower Church
Second Cruciform Church
Church B.III.2
Monastery of St Anthony the Great (Kom H)
Monastic church
Sanctuary of Saint Anna
Northwest Annex
Building I, Building II, Church of Georgios (B.III), Crypt of Georgios,
Commemorative complex (Mausoleum of bishops),
Chapel of Archangel Michael
Southwest Annex
Mural masterpieces
House A.106
House PCH.1
House A
House B
Granary or storehouse on the citadel
Rock-cut tombs
Tomb RT.1
Tomb RT.2
Tumulus cemetery
Christian burials
General remarks
Funerary stelae
Arts and crafts
Builders and architects
Mosaicists and floor-makers
Window-grille makers
Glass producers
Kingdom of Dongola Town
Houses in site CC and next to the Fourth Cathedral
Houses of the 17th century
The family archive
Illustration Credits
Town history (in Arabic)