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Acta Nubica, Proceedings of the X International Conference of Nubian Studies

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ISBN: 88-240-1314-7
Description: softcover, 497 pages (21x29,5 cm), figs.
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Acta Nubica, Proceedings of the X International Conference of Nubian Studies, Rome 9-14 September 2002, Ed. by I. Caneva and A. Roccati, Libreria dello Stato, Roma 2006

Foreword - A. Roccati
Welcome Address - J. Leclant
Allocution - Hassan Hussein Idriss Abbreviations
Habitats prehistoriques en Nubie entre le 8e et le 3e millenaire av. J.C.: l'exemple de la region de Kerma - M. Honegger
Les etablissements des cultures Kerma - Ch. Bonnet
Settlement in Nubia in the Medieval Period - D. Welsby
Late hunter-gatherers of Central Sudan: land use and settlement pattern - I. Caneva and E.
The macroscopic description of Eastern Desert ware (1935-2002) - H. Barnard
When decoration made its way: the northern extent of Khartoum-styled pottery in the eastern
Sahara - H. Riemer and F. Jesse
A permanent link? - The Wadi Howar Region and the Nile - F. Jesse
Were the hunter-gatherers in the Eastern Sahara of the "delayed return" type? An archaeological perspective from the Wadi Howar Region/Sudan - B. Keding
The endless glory of a site: Esh-Shaheinab in the Sudanese prehistory - E.A.A. Garcea
Prehistoric Nubian ceramic traditions: origin, development and spreading trajectories
M.C. Gatto
The archaeology of the Laqiya Region (NW-Sudan): ceramics, chronology and cultures
M. Lange
The el-Salha Project - D. Usai and S. Salvatori
Towards a better understanding of the Meroitic settlements in Central Sudan (Shendi area)
Abdel Moneim Ahmed Abdalla
Cultural resource management, the case of the Fourth Cataract region - Kabbashi Hussein
Alcune osservazioni suH'architetrura militare ramesside in Nubia - G Cavillier
Les cimetieres prehistoriques au Soudan - coutumes funeraires et systemes sociaux J. Reinold
Napatan cemeteries: The case of Hillat el-Arab - /. Vincentelli
Nubian mortuary complex of the Christian Period - B. Zurawski
Les sepultures du Wadi Gabgaba et du Wadi Seiga dans la region du Wadi Allaqi. Premiers resultats - F. Paris, H. Barakat, D. Laisney
Report on the R12 Neolithic Cemetery, Northern Dongola Reach (Kawa, Sudan) - S. Salvatori andD. Usai
La tombe 8 de la necropole pharaonique de Sa'i - F. Thill
Life in New Kingdom Nubia: a bioarchaeological analysis of ethnicity, biological affinities and health - M.R. Buzon
Concept of Meroitic Ba-statues and heads of the 2nd-3rd century A.D. -N. Pomerantseva
Nubian evidence in Hierakonpolis - S. Giuliani
Space, temple and society. On the built worldview of the Twenty-Fifth dynasty in Nubia L. Torok  
Temples in the Meroitic South - Some aspects of typology, cult and function - P. Wolf
The churches of Dongola, their origin and importance in the general line of development of church architecture in Makuria - W. Godlewski
Metamorphoses of the Amun temple in Naga - K. Kroeper
Ed-Derr - A new type of temple - U. Fritz
Les representations de Bes et de Satyres a l'epoque meroi'tique: syncretisme ou confusion des emblemes? - A. Sackho-Autissier
Osservazioni su alcune tavole d'offerta e oggetti di culto del Museo del Cairo: riflessi ideologic! e aspetti tradizionali — L. de Gasperis
Osservazioni sopra un dipinto nubiano della nativita di Cristo — G. Vantini
Wall paintings from the Holy Trinity Monastery in Old Dongola - M. Martens-Czarnecka
Ricerche ed ipotesi circa la "Cappella Nubiana" in Gerusalemme - D. Ceccarelli Morolli
The episode of the Baptism of queen Candace's Eunuch in the Italian Baroque art E. Fantusati
Territorial behaviour and territorial areas in the Middle Nile Valley from later Prehistory to the end of the New Kingdom - F. Geus
News from Nubia's Western hinterland - R. Kuper
Economic and social development in the Eritrean-Sudanese lowlands in the 4th to 1st millennia BC: a territorial approach - R. Fattovich
Territory and landscape archaeology in the Middle Nile Valley 1000 BC - AD 1500 C. Grzymski
Naga Project - Preliminary report of archaeological reconnaissance in the Wadi Awatib (Central Sudan) - P. Bobrowski and M. Jordeczka  
The new discoveries along the route Korosko-Kurgus -A. and A. Castiglioni
An archaeological exploration of the Bayuda Desert - G. Negro, A. and A. Castiglioni
The White Nile archaeological survey and salvage excavation - Khidir Adam Eisa
The historical Islamic town of Berber (1504-1885 AD) - Salah Omer El-Sadig
Old Nubian house of Sehel island - Ossama Abdel Wareth Abdel Meguid
Les temples du Nouvel Empire a Doukki Gel. Temoignages epigraphiques - D. Valbelle
Palaeographical evidence for local princes in Begrawwiya West - C. Rilly
Toward the decipherment of Meroitic: The Case of the Kalabsha Inscription - R.A. Lobban . . Silko's bad conscience: a new interpretation of the Silko inscription (FHN317) - S.M. Burstein Computational linguistic analysis of modern Kenuzi Dongolawi - M. Jaeger
History, Hellenism
Assyrian and Kushite chronologies revisited - D. Michaux-Colombot
Hellenistic goods and ideas in Meroe - L. Torok
Motivi ellenistici nell'architettura meroitica: nuove scoperte a Napata — L. Sist
The impact of Meroites upon the Germa civilisation - South-West of Libya. New light upon the X-Group in the Post-Meroitic Era - Faisal M. Musa
Some new light on the end of Soba - G. Vantini
Operazioni archeologiche dovute alia Diga di Merowe
Progetto di salvataggio archeologico dell'invaso della diga di Merowe - Salah M. Ahmed
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