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Studia Palmyrenskie X (Palmyrenian Studies X)

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Description: softcover, 77pp. (21x29,5), XI plates; drawings, photos, plans
Condition: new
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Studia Palmyrenskie X (Palmyrenian Studies X), ed. by Michal Gawlikowski and Slawomir P. Kowalski, Polish Center of Mediterranean Archaeology, Warszawa 1997

Marek Baranski
Western Aqueduct in Palmyra
Dorota Bielinska
Small finds from pre-classical Palmyra
Michal Gawlikowski et Khaled As'ad
Inscriptions de Palmyre nouvelles et revisitees
Slawomir P. Kowalski
Late Roman Palmyra in literature and epigraphy
Tomasz Scholl and Ahmed Taha
Sounding in the courtyard of the Saray in Palmyra (1986)
Dagmara Wielgosz
Funeralia  Palmyrena