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Studia Palmyrenskie XII (Palmyrenian Studies XII), Fifty Years of Polish Excavations in Palmyra 1959-2009

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Description: softcover, 398 pp. (21x29,5), figs.
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Studia Palmyrenskie XII (Palmyrenian Studies XII), Fifty Years of Polish Excavations in Palmyra 1959-2009,  ed. by Michal Gawlikowski and Grzegorz Majcherek, Polish Center of Mediterranean Archaeology, Warszawa 2013

Abbreviations and standard references
Michal Gawlikowski
Waked al-As'ad

Some tombs recently excavated in Palmyra                      
Olivier Aurenche, Stefan Kami Kozlowski
Deux polonais a Palmyre (avril 1926)            
Marek Baranski
The first archaeologist of Palmyra
Christiane Delplace
Les recherches de la Mission archeologique francaise a Palmyre     
Lucinda Dirven
Palmyrenes in Hatra: evidence for cultural relations in the Fertile Crescent
Cynthia Finlayson
New perspectives on the ritual and cultic importance of women
at Palmyra and Dura Europos: processions and temples
Michal Gawlikowski
In the footsteps of Prince Abamelek in Palmyra
Denis Genequand
De Rome a l'Islam : recherches recentes sur le dit Caesareum de Palmyre
Maria Teresa Grassi, Waleed al-As'ad
Pal.M.A.I.S. recherches et fouilles d'une nouvelle Mission conjointe syro-italienne
dans le quartier sud-ouest de Palmyre
Manar Hammad
Morphologie des environs de Palmyre : relief, enceintes, pistes
Khalil al-Hariri
The tomb of 'Aqraban
Agnes Henning
The tower tombs of Palmyra: chronology, architecture and decoration
Elzbieta Jastrzebowska
La christianisation de Palmyre : 1'exemple du temple de Bel
Kami Juchniewicz
Late Roman fortifications in Palmyra
Michaela Konrad
Graberarchaologie und ihre Evidenz fur die Bevolkerungsgeschichte
der Steppengebiete in den Spatromischen Provinzen Syria und Arabia
Aleksandra Kubiak
Des « Dieux bons » a Palmyre
Amelie Le Bihan
La question des rites processionels & Palmyre
Grzegorz Majcherek Excavating the basilicas
Jorgen Christian Meyer
City and hinterland. Villages and estates north of Palmyra. New perspectives
Kiyohide Saito
Female burial practices in Palmyra: some observations from the underground tombs
Andreas Schmidt-Colinet, Khaled al-As'ad, Waked al-As'ad
Thirty years of Syro-German/Austrian archaeological research in Palmyra
Dagmara Wielgosz
Coepimus et lapide pingere: marble decoration
from the so-called Baths of Diocletian at Palmyra
Jean-Baptiste Yon
L'epigraphie palmyrenienne depuis PAT, 1996-2011
Maria Zuchowska
Palmyra and the Far Eastern trade