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Studia Palmyrenskie XI (Palmyrenian Studies XI)

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Description: softcover (29,5x21 cm), 114 pp.; figs., photographs, drawings
Condition: very good
Weight: 505g.



Studia Palmyrenskie XI (Palmyrenian Studies XI), ed. by Michal Gawlikowski, Polish Center of Mediterranean Archaeology, Warszawa 2010

Michat Gawlikowski, Maria Zuchowska
La mosaique de Bellerophon
Michal Gawlikowski, Khaled Ascad
The Imperial cult in Palmyra under the Antonines
Michat Gawlikowski
The Roman army in Palmyra under Tiberius
Karol Juchniewicz, Khaled Ascad, Khalil al Hariri
The defense wall in Palmyra after recent Syrian excavations
Dagmara Wielgosz
La sculpture en marbre a Palmyre
Marta Zuchowska
The Western Gate at Palmyra



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