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Contributions in New World Archaeology, vol. 6

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Description: softcover, 197 pp. (24x17 cm), ills, maps
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Contributions in New World Archaeology, vol. 6, Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, Jagiellonian University, Institute of Archaeology, Krakow 2014

Miłosz Giersz, Krzysztof Makowski y Patrycja Prządka-Giersz
En las fronteras meridionales de Moche y Chimu
Józef Szykulski, Katarzyna Figiel and Krzysztof Kwiatkowski
The Project Tambo and its significance for research on pre-Columbian societies of the southern part of Peru
Piotr Kalicki
Model of interregional contacts between highland and coastal groups in late Pre-Colombian periods in lomas of the Central Coast of Peru
Bernard Hermes y Juan Luis Velásquez
Analisis de la cerámica arqeológica de Xacbal, Chajul, Quiche: Periodos preclásico y Clásico Temprano
Magdalena H. Rusek
Greenstone artefacts from the Maya site of Nakum, Peten, Guatemala
Michał Wasilewski
The growing wave: Polish archaeological contributions in the New World