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Central Asia and Iran: Greeks, Parthians, Kushans and Sasanians

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ISBN: 978-83-233-3967-0
Description: softcover, 257 pp. (24x17cm)
Condition: new
Weight: 506g.

Central Asia and Iran: Greeks, Parthians, Kushans and Sasanians, Electrum, vol. 22 (2015), edited by Edward Dabrowa, Jagiellonian University Press, Cracow 2015

Alexander the Great at Bactra: A Burning Question
Frank L Holt    
Ai Khanoum and Greek Domination in Central Asia
Laurianne Martinez-Sève    
La découverte de l’Ancienne Termez, métropole de la Bactriane du Nord
Pierre Leriche    
Ὁμόγλωττοι παρὰ μικρον?
Antonio Panaino    
King Huviška, Yima, and the Bird: Observations on a Paradisiacal State
Touraj Daryaee, Soodabeh Malekzadeh    
Storehouses and Storage Practices in Old Nisa (Turkmenistan)
Carlo Lippolis, Niccolo Manassero    
Lasser-scanner Survey at Kong-e Yār ‘Alīvand. Research of the Iranian-Italian Joint Expedition in Kūzestān
Vito Messina, Mehr Kian    
Crépuscule de l’Empire parthe – Les dernières drachmes
Alain Chenevier    
The Syriac Book of the Laws of the Countries, Eusebius’ Preparation for the Gospel, and the Clementine Recognitions: Early Witnesses for Christianity in Central Asia?
I Am Your Father! Dynasties and Dynastic Legitimacy on Pre-Islamic Coinage between Iran and Northwest India
Omar Coloru    
The Deities on the Kushano-Sasanian Coins
Fabrizio Sinisi    
Sakastan in the Fourth and Fifth Century AD. Some Historical Remarks Based on the Numismatic Evidence
Nikolaus Schindel    
Review: Paul J. Kosmin, The Land of the Elephant Kings: Space, Territory, and Ideology in the Seleucid Empire, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA–London 2014, pp. 423, b/w ill., 9 maps, ISBN 978-0-674-72882-0 (Edward Dąbrowa)
Paul J. Kosmin
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